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Resolved! [Network Issue] Service Update

We are aware of an issue with our network and our engineers are working to fix this as quickly as possible. This issue could affect data, calls and text services. We are sorry if you've been impacted by this, please check back here for updates.

YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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Resolved! [Network Issues] Service Update

  We are aware that a small number of customers may be experiencing issues with our network this morning. Our engineers are working hard to fix this as soon as possible. We are sorry if you've been impacted by this, please check back here for update...

YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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[UPDATE] Coverage Checker and Network Status Checker

    We have some exciting news for you! SMARTY has gone LIVE with our new and improved Coverage Checker and Network Status Checker.  How Can You Explore the New Coverage Checker? Simply head over to and click on the Coverage Checker Cov...

Featured_Post_Service_Updates@1x.png YulianK_0-1700663541514.png
YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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Resolved! My smarty sim not registered problem

I bought a new sim and i activatied it but still is saying sim not regsitered on network and emergency only then i baought a another sim still its saying emergency onlyni live in dagenham rm10 area and i baought a sim for dagenham shop the shopkeeper...

Resolved! Using Smarty abroad on our iPhones

We are going to Nenagh Tipperary tomorrow and it says to make a changes to our phones now before we go.  We have iPhones. If we make the changes as suggested do we need to change them back when we are back in the UK or leave them with the new changes...

Resolved! Network issues Wakefield, West Yorkshire

This evening had a few glitches…never had any problems until now.  I am lucky to be able to get 5G at my home, and normally speeds of 200Mbps… Three network checker shows no issues, no maintenance going on. Done the usual “off and on”, and still expe...

Michael_T by SMARTY Teamster
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Resolved! Unable To Send Or Receive MMS Pictures on Samsung Android

Hi All!Read about the issues concerning I-phone to I-phone, but is anybody having issues with being unable to send or receive pictures to other phones. In this instance attempting to send from a Samsung Android to I-phone. Any help regarding the corr...


How do I actually contact Smarty. I have very liwe el service. My download speeds seldom reach 5mbps but using the same phone 7n the same area with a GiffGaff SIM I get 30 to 50 Mbps. I have been trying we chat and the chat in the App to contact supp...

senojdh by SMARTY Rookie
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Plan changed

Hi Last month I had changed my plan £10 to £6. Payment already done by 8th May. In apps , i have shown that my plan was paused. What should I do now . Thanks 

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data problems

i have received a request to buy more data as my allowance is running low.  I already have   data add on and there are sufficient gbs in there for my needs.  Why doesn’t this automatically  work when my allowance is low?

Switching delay

Hi, I am switching my children to Smarty from Virgin due to the continual price rises. I submitted the first PAC on Wednesday and the other on Thursday. The second one went through well within 24 hours but the first one started at by the end of the 4...

Personal hotspot

Does personal hotspot come standard with a Sim only plan as I cannot get my TV to work using my phone as a modem

Resolved! How do I upgrade to 60GB for £10 plan? (From 30GB for £10 plan)

I'm currently on 30GB for £10 plan (it resets in 10 days).When I login the dashboard displays an offer to upgrade to 60GB for £10.When I click on the "Upgrade now" button it takes me to a page thattells me the plan I'm currently on and offers other p...

fuzzy by SMARTY Commentator
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