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Inbound call logs

How can I access my incoming call logs for a specific billing cycle? I need to review my call history for the past month and I'm not sure how to access it. I have checked the 'Usage history' page (/dashboard/usage-history/{date}/voice/0), but it only...

Cushy3031 by SMARTY Pioneer
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Resolved! Remove payment option

Does any one know how to remove a payment option? My account lists several debit cards I have used for payment in the past, as well as the current one.  I want to remove these from the list (housekeeping) but I can't find how to do it. If I select on...

Recent summary Usage history not showing

When I am logged in and go to look at the Usage history summary I can only see months up to last January (2023) (see below), the last 9 months (up Sep/Oct 2023) are missing! I can see the details by clicking on 'View all by month' but really I want t...

Screenshot 2023-11-17 120022.jpg

Floating credit

Hi, I'm new here, greetings to all.Have a quick Q for anyone that could help. Ive put £6 into my smarty account,how do i add it towards a payment?  Thanks for your help

Roger82 by SMARTY Rookie
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Resolved! Roaming data usage

Hi. I'm trying to see how much data I've used while roaming abroad. The smarty app only seems to show total data used (while in UK and EU) . Can I isolate data used while roaming? 

High Data Usage

My sister-in-law signed up with Smarty's 40GB data plan 14 days ago and she is a very light data user and yet the Smarty App states she has used 34GB of her allowance. Fortunately she is using a TP-Link 4G Router which independently records the data ...


Please can you tell me why my phone is showing 2gb when my  plan is 12gb   Thanks   Karen

Double data

Hi ive just join smarty the sim deal I signed up to was 30GB (special offer with doubled data to 60GB) unlimited calls and texts. I’ve logged onto my account and it only showing 30GB of data and my usage. We’re is the 60GB that I should have?  

Looking for your "Out of plan" usage?

Hello, I've got the SMARTY app for iOS, and I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem? In the app, when I goto "History" and use the Looking for your "Out of plan" usage? option, it doesn't seem to work - none are shown.Using the SMARTY online da...

Chalkychap by SMARTY Major Player
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