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"Exciting things"

Every time I open the app I get the annoying notification asking me to alter my notification settings to receive "exciting things". Can I stop this popping up every time or am I stuck with it.

stevic by SMARTY Pioneer
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MMS service and user safety.

I think I would like to request smarty addressing the issue where sending images via MMS is concerned is too small.  300Kbs is not enough when other networks allow 3meg upto 10meg per file.  I use the emergency service on my phone for safety and it a...

[IMPORTANT] App and Web Login Verification main thread

Hi Everyone, Thank you for letting us know regarding your experience with the current MFA setup. Following your feedback we have made some changes and they should be live now.  Please make sure to setup your device or browser as 'Trusted' in order t...

YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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Smarty App Password

Is there a way to save the password. So you don't have to keep typing it in every time you go to use the app.???  

App usage showing i text a random number...

My wife and I have both joined Smarty in the last two days. On both our accounts under usage it shows us texting a random number when we first inserted the sim card. Is this part of the registration process as when I Google the number we supposedly t...

High Data Usage

My sister-in-law signed up with Smarty's 40GB data plan 14 days ago and she is a very light data user and yet the Smarty App states she has used 34GB of her allowance. Fortunately she is using a TP-Link 4G Router which independently records the data ...

Google earth app Android crash's smarty

Can anyone else replicate this issue. On Google earth when using smarty on any device, zoom in with 3d buildings turned on. Move around quickly and the bottom left percentage dial will display. You notice eventually it gets stuck at 29 percent. Speed...

App not good

App restarts while trying to do 2 step verification have 2 use 2 devices as if you minimise app it resets  not good ok if you set up to use fingerprint 

Resolved! Messages on App

I have a current message received from Smarty in the app.  How do I mark it as read or delete it?

Rufus by SMARTY Pioneer
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Problems with android app

My android app doesn't seem to be working right again Problems - I have an active plan but somehow the app thinks I am not. (Luckely my Internet does work) - trying to contact smarty via the app opens ghe wrong Web browser (I have more than one Web ...

Willemien by SMARTY Pioneer
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