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Very poor indoor signal at home

hi everybody, overall my experience with SMARTY is quite good especially with the 5G. However, I am facing very weak or non-existent indoor signal. I have unlimited data which I intend to use at home as well, but it is so useless that I can’t even do...

4g and 5g Not available

I have moved address in last 4 days, before the moved I was getting speeds of 200MB to 400 MB a second in city center where I lived.  I have only moved half a mile away and now I cant get even 1bar of 4g or 5g.  Download speeds are 1MB a second uploa...

Resolved! New user - can't connect to Wifi during transfer period

I'm a new customer, I transferred from EE and activated my SIM 2 days ago.  I'm currently in the transfer period of bringing over my new number due to complete tomorrow 15/04/24. It was working fine last night but as of today my phone is unusable - I...

2644212 by SMARTY Maverick
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18+ Content - enabled but cannot access

SIM 1 - this is in my Android cellphoneSIM 2 - this is in my home 5G router, unlimited dataBOTH SIM 1 and 2 had their 18+ Content ENABLED on 14/6/23 after submitted my photo ID as requested by Smarty. Everything have been working fine with no issues ...

Jon2023 by SMARTY Commentator
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Samsung A34 5G wifi calling

Just joined Smarty with my Samsung A34 5G dual sim.Wifi calling works with both sims simultaneously and 5G on both simultaneously, one is on EE and the other is Smarty.There does seem to be an issue with Smarty going onto wifi calling, it seems to pr...

Stan by SMARTY Pioneer
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Come on smarty please update your list of 5g compatible phones I'm 100% certain my Nokia g50 works on 5g I've put a Three Giffgaff and O2 SIM in it and they handle 5g without any problems where available ,the phone is dual SIM and I have shared scree...


When is colwyn bay in North wales getting 5G as we are currently 4g here  thankyou

Resolved! 5G definitely eating more data

It does eat more data contrary to several Internet and expert articles.  On 4g hardly ever used 4gb PCM now I seem to use it every other day. Really?

Data usage

Hi, I am new with smarty and opted for 4G of data. I was previously with 3 and barely reached 4G ever in 5+ years. Just once I think when I was on holiday it was close but I have never went over. First week with Smarty I ran out of data in less than ...

Network congestion

Network congestion, what exactly does it mean and how long do engineers need to fix/improve things. Smarty network in CM19 has been unusable since Tuesday AM, my router cannot get a connection and constantly reboots itself.Help line/chat not really m...

ubdai66 by SMARTY Pioneer
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Resolved! My SMARTY experience so far…

  I joined SMARTY around 7 months ago and I wanted to share my own experience, so that others can hopefully can benefit from what I have learned so far… I live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and the networks here are generally pretty good on the whole...

Michael_T by SMARTY Teamster
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Google earth app Android crash's smarty

Can anyone else replicate this issue. On Google earth when using smarty on any device, zoom in with 3d buildings turned on. Move around quickly and the bottom left percentage dial will display. You notice eventually it gets stuck at 29 percent. Speed...

Data connectivity terrible currently

I don't know if it is a capacity issue with the local mast or a general network issue in Newton Leys, where I live in Milton Keynes, but recently my data connection is running in single-digit KBs, not MBs!!! I have tried rebooting my phone but to no ...

Resolved! Network issues Wakefield, West Yorkshire

This evening had a few glitches…never had any problems until now.  I am lucky to be able to get 5G at my home, and normally speeds of 200Mbps… Three network checker shows no issues, no maintenance going on. Done the usual “off and on”, and still expe...

Michael_T by SMARTY Teamster
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Resolved! 5G whilst roaming in Spain

I can’t find any specific info on this in Q&A, so looking to anyone who has experience of this…I will be going on holiday to the Canary Islands (Spain) and this will be the first time I will have used my SMARTY SIM outside the UK.  Spain is one of th...

Michael_T by SMARTY Teamster
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Strange Signal Issues. Not Impressed.

So I recently got an iPhone 13 Pro. Since I received it the phone has been jumping from 3G to 4G where I live, my previous iPhone XR more or less stayed on 4G after what seemed to be very recent upgrades to the network. This is because it used to als...

MarkyR74 by SMARTY Maverick
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Getting device 5G support added

Just got a Smarty SIM and 5G doesn't work on my Nokia XR20.5G works fine with my 3 SIM and my Vodafone SIM.I know there's a list of devices that are allowed use 5G, but how can I lobby for my device to be added?My Smarty SIM is also allowed use 5G wh...