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Resolved! New user - can't connect to Wifi during transfer period

I'm a new customer, I transferred from EE and activated my SIM 2 days ago.  I'm currently in the transfer period of bringing over my new number due to complete tomorrow 15/04/24. It was working fine last night but as of today my phone is unusable - I...

2644212 by SMARTY Maverick
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Resolved! Ported in the iPhone but cant edit 'my number'

I just had my number port into the Smarty SIM and it all looks ok. If I call out it shows the correct number.However, Facetime and imessage still show the original Smarty number that was replaced. If I go to settings/phone/my number and edit it to be...

Major Port-in Issues

In the same manner as @Jaybird I have encountered a major issue when porting my number from Vodafone to Smarty. I was told at the outset that there were "difficulties" that was going to create a delay with porting the number. Also, within 24 hours, I...

Resolved! Not receiving 2FA texts after porting

Hello! 2 weeks ago I have decided to give SMARTY a try and ported my old phone number from Vectone. Since then I can only make and receive phone calls, but can't send or receive SMS text messages. After trying all the guides I could find on the websi...

xYorYx by SMARTY Maverick
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SIM Card activated but no data

Hi. I've just signed up for the smarty unlimited data/calls/text 1 month plan. I've received an email and text saying it's activated and  my phone says I'm on the smarty network and I have a full signal  but I have no mobile data to access the intern...

Omega by SMARTY Rookie
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Porting from Three - 2 and a half weeks late and still ongoing

My number was supposed to be ported on the 11th November. My old SIM was shut off on that date, so I lost access to my number. The SIM has still not been ported.I've lost access to my eBay, Paypal and home broadband accounts and probably others.Custo...

Bugle by SMARTY Pioneer
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Resolved! Messages only being sent on old number after porting

Hi,Bit of a random problem here. son joined Smarty in October from Three. I ported my number across and didn’t really have any problems. I’ve been SMS’ing my wife yesterday as her signal jibbed and we noticed that my messages were coming out of a ran...

Number porting - 72 hours and still counting

I took out a Smarty account using a Bonus Sim a family member had with their Sim, on Monday. After some trouble getting it activated, I finally was able to select a tariff. Then I submitted my PAC - all before 5pm. It's now Thursday, so by tomorrow i...

Resolved! Porting my number

Can my number be ported earlier than said date? You kept telling me to activate the sim, and now can’t receive calls??

New sim

Hi I received my new sim and activated the number that came with it but i wanted to bring my old number  over. Can i still do this? Thanks


I  have "tested" the SIM whilst overseas and operation is good. I am now back in the UK and wish to switch my number.  I have a PAC from SKY but but  SMARTY does not recognise the supplied data so I cannot transfer my number. If I cannot do this I wi...

Number transfer

Anyone else having issues with their existing mobile phone number being ported over? Smarty technical issues causing delays apparently!!

Gazza by SMARTY Pioneer
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Changing mobile number - getting too many robo calls

Hi, does anyone know if it's possible to change the mobile number for one's account? Looks like my number has hit a robo call list and I'm getting 2/3 calls from Chinese robo callers per day. Would be be easier to just get a new SIM and close down th...

Huwaei mobile wifi

I am trying to set my Huawei mobile wifi up with smarty sim card (which I have registered and activated) however, it comes up with registration failed, how do I conect it?

Failure to activate new SIM

Just order a SIM and tried to activate yesterday. The dashboard told me that it would happen in 2 hours and my old number will port on Monday. Activation didn't happen and a 4 hour web chat got me nowhere other than being told to wait as they are wor...

Porting issue from EE network

Hi I recently ported my mobile number over from EE I got to text to today to say that the porting process was complete in the smarty dashboard it shows the correct existing number which I wanted to port over but when I make calls it displays the smar...