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Resolved! [Main Thread] Premium rate / short code text messages

Hi I gather from a few other posts that these are not possible at the moment! I found this in some information blurb from SMARTY -  " At some point you'll be able to send other kinds of messages which will be chargeable. This will include premium-rat...

Short code text messages

Hi, I need to send a text message to my bank to authorise a payment. They use a short code number and my texts are failing. Does Smarty support short code text numbers? Thanks

Resolved! text messages wont send

I have received a text message from my midwife/health visitor service to opt in for an app. I have to reply yes - and the text message wont send. I have attempted to buy on add on as I know I cant text into competitions etc.   The reply to the opt in...

Resolved! Messages only being sent on old number after porting

Hi,Bit of a random problem here. son joined Smarty in October from Three. I ported my number across and didn’t really have any problems. I’ve been SMS’ing my wife yesterday as her signal jibbed and we noticed that my messages were coming out of a ran...

Charity donations by SMS

Hi I'm trying to make a donation to a charity by SMS and it keeps failing with Error 38. Can anyone help sort this error issue?

Ewshot by SMARTY Rookie
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See it, but don’t say it if you’re on Smarty

Hey all, had a pretty scary incident today on the tube (but above ground). Wasn’t appropriate to call 999 as I didn’t want to alert the other person. And remembered “See it, say it, we’ll sort it. Text 61016”. So I did exactly that. Unfortunately I g...

RoCoUK by SMARTY Pioneer
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Resolved! Competition

I’ve put £10 on my account so I can enter a text competition  however it still won’t let me send the text    I have a block on my account tap I can’t go over £10 a month hence why I’ve put £10 on any help greatly received 

Not receiving certain text messages - Pixel 6A - Android 13

Hi everyone, I use a number of services that require multi-factor authentication where a service will send an SMS message to verify identity.  Until last week (May 23) I had no issues but overnight, some of these messages have stopped being delivered...

Can’t use my add on data

I’ve got £20 in extra add on’s to enter daily competition  but I only get to use it once , after that my attempts fail  why is this?? please advise me if I’m doing something wrong 

Resolved! Short number text messages

Hi Has there been any resolution to sending messages to short numbers I recently joined Smarty and despite adding £10 credit I cannot send a text to enter competitions ? Have I just wasted £10 ? I read that someone is unable to access some NHS facili...

Cannot send sms to bt

Cannot send sms to bt even though I have previously to the same number that's why I topped up £5 the first time I needed to send bt a sms

Bt sms

Why can I not send a sms to a out of plan when I have £5 left to used so I can sms these numbers

Twitter blue sign up

When attempting to verify my phone number with Twitter I get a message saying the operator smarty is not recognised, is there a fix?

Resolved! Help hack

How do I enter competition with having bought extra credit to do so and message not sending?? Help please 

Text failure

I’ve received hospital appt texts and other automated messages but the reply texts fail. Have I got to reset anything? Other texts seem to work ok. 

Sending STOP by SMS

I get text messages that I want to unsubscribe from by sending ‘STOP’ - however whenever i try to unsubscribe it says ‘Message failure’