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Unusual high amount of calls from businesses

Hi everyoneI've been getting more than a few nuisance calls lately since I switched to Smarty. I don't know if it's just coincidence, and it probably is nothing to do with the switch, as I am using the same number I was using with my previous network...

AndyPandy by SMARTY Maverick
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Resetting password

I have forgotten my password and can click to get an email from Smarty which allows me to log in without one, but I can't seem to find, get a link which simply allows me to reset it! Am I missing something?

MMS service and user safety.

I think I would like to request smarty addressing the issue where sending images via MMS is concerned is too small.  300Kbs is not enough when other networks allow 3meg upto 10meg per file.  I use the emergency service on my phone for safety and it a...

SMS to 00447537452514

My phone number has allegedly sent an SMS to 00447537452514 at 18:03 on 01/11/2023, when I did not. There is no record  of the text on my phone, but it shows up in the Usage history on my dashboard. This is very concerning. This number has hundreds o...

Clarissa by SMARTY Pioneer
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[IMPORTANT] App and Web Login Verification main thread

Hi Everyone, Thank you for letting us know regarding your experience with the current MFA setup. Following your feedback we have made some changes and they should be live now.  Please make sure to setup your device or browser as 'Trusted' in order t...

YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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