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Resolved! [Main Thread] Premium rate / short code text messages

Hi I gather from a few other posts that these are not possible at the moment! I found this in some information blurb from SMARTY -  " At some point you'll be able to send other kinds of messages which will be chargeable. This will include premium-rat...

Data Add-on not working

‎Hi , My daughter used all of her data this month so I purchased an UK unlimited data add-on  pass for 7 daysIt is active but she is not able to use any mobile data.It has been been over 2 days since the add-on was activated but no dataHas anyone els...

Resolved! Mobile Wi-Fi

 Having happily used Smartie with my phone for the past six months, I wonder if it is possible to add another Sim to use in my GP mobile Wi-Fi device. I would be delighted if someone could put me straight with this. Thank you in advance for your assi...

Resolved! SMARTY Add ons

Hello I need some help and adviceI was told that I was running out of data (4GB) 822MB left,  so I bought another 10 GB extraToday I receive a notification that my 4GB has nearly run out ... there seems to be no reference to the 10GB that I bought on...

Resolved! Egypt

Do I need to switch roaming on when I land in Egypt? I only want to use data for internet and wifi calling (There is no 5G)? Am I better off to but a local SIM when I arrive?      

How do I get back on???

I have unlimited smarty in UK. Currently I Ireland in my Motorhome with the smarty sim in my onboard router and have hit the 12GB EU fair use barrier. So have bought a 3 day unlimited add on but seem to be locked out of my network. I go through an in...

Data add on abroad

I’m currently in Italy. I’ve changed all my settings to what it says in the website. Added a screenshot for reference. I’ve brought an EU add on (which says works if I have over 12gb of data on my normal plan. And I have 60gb). I also have my roamin...


Resolved! Channel Islands

I’m currently in the Channel Islands and can’t get my phone to work. I’ve bought a data add on and also tried switching the APN to but still no luck…any advice appreciated 

Resolved! Out of eu add on

I am shortly travelling to Turkey but only for 2 days (cruise) then in October travelling to Isle of Man for 2 days which would be the best add on? Thanks in anticipation 

International data

I will be touring France for the next 10 weeks and I know that my existing contract entitles me to 12GB of data but is there an add on where I can buy more international roaming data? I am not interested in calls or txt.


My daughter is going to Kenya for 2 weeks - do I need to do anything to enable her phone to text/make calls etc?   Thank you 

Couple of questions. New here

Hi I bought a sim for my son.  How do I cap the monthly amount so he doesn't buy stuff on my bank card? Is the 18+ turned on when you recieve the sim as I don't want him ending up on random sites? Many thanks Danny      


Morning All, I'm very new to Smarty and not the most tech savvy person. I am visiting America shortly for a Road trip up through Maine. I intend to use Waze when driving. I would like advice on how best to use the Internet when there is no WiFi. Than...

Add ons

Hi, can anyone confirm if add ons can be purchased to cover usage in the USA? UK traveller going over there shortly however I've had conflicting information as to whether the add ons cover the USA

3day Data psss

Hi.I am new to Smarty. My first sim was a 30 +30 Gb special offer. I was surprised to find the data running down rapidly so purchased a 3 day data pass to back it up .My understanding was that the data pass would supplant the normal data useage for t...