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Resolved! [Main Thread] Premium rate / short code text messages

Hi I gather from a few other posts that these are not possible at the moment! I found this in some information blurb from SMARTY -  " At some point you'll be able to send other kinds of messages which will be chargeable. This will include premium-rat...

Downloading Video podcasts

Hi everyone!I can't seem to download video on Smarty. I can stream 4k video to my TV and download other content with no problems, it'd just that video podcasts never download on any device. Does anyone know how this can be solved?Thanks in advance!

Resolved! [Network Issues] Service Update

  We are aware that a small number of customers may be experiencing issues with our network this morning. Our engineers are working hard to fix this as soon as possible. We are sorry if you've been impacted by this, please check back here for update...

YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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[UPDATE] Coverage Checker and Network Status Checker

    We have some exciting news for you! SMARTY has gone LIVE with our new and improved Coverage Checker and Network Status Checker.  How Can You Explore the New Coverage Checker? Simply head over to and click on the Coverage Checker Cov...

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YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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Very poor indoor signal at home

hi everybody, overall my experience with SMARTY is quite good especially with the 5G. However, I am facing very weak or non-existent indoor signal. I have unlimited data which I intend to use at home as well, but it is so useless that I can’t even do...

4g and 5g Not available

I have moved address in last 4 days, before the moved I was getting speeds of 200MB to 400 MB a second in city center where I lived.  I have only moved half a mile away and now I cant get even 1bar of 4g or 5g.  Download speeds are 1MB a second uploa...

Using SMARTY In France

Hello, I'm about to go on a driving tour of France that will involve a lot of Google Maps navigation and because I drive a very old car this will done on my Andoid phone. I've read a few posts about poor coverage in France but none very recently. Is ...

PC4510 by SMARTY Pioneer
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"Sorry you've not been given access to this service"

Is there any compensation schemes running for this error? I'm left unable to make calls on my own number, this is getting ridiculous now!I have checked my payment history and all seems to be normal, so frustrating!FYI some numbers do work but most ar...

Resolved! Smarty keeps crashing my Santander online login

Hi Smarty is sporadically not enabling me to logon to my Santander account, it throws me out when entering my passwords etc. Sometimes I can get into the accounts screen but then it crashes when clicking on any one of my accounts. Logging into  Lloyd...

Resolved! New user - can't connect to Wifi during transfer period

I'm a new customer, I transferred from EE and activated my SIM 2 days ago.  I'm currently in the transfer period of bringing over my new number due to complete tomorrow 15/04/24. It was working fine last night but as of today my phone is unusable - I...

2644212 by SMARTY Maverick
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18+ Content - enabled but cannot access

SIM 1 - this is in my Android cellphoneSIM 2 - this is in my home 5G router, unlimited dataBOTH SIM 1 and 2 had their 18+ Content ENABLED on 14/6/23 after submitted my photo ID as requested by Smarty. Everything have been working fine with no issues ...

Jon2023 by SMARTY Commentator
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Voicemail commands

HI,I am new to Smarty and I have just received my first voicemail message.  While I hear the commands to listen to my messages, it does not tell me how to delete a message, skip to next etc.  Is there a voicemail commands guide?  Most importantly how...

Resolved! [Network Issue] Service Update

We are aware of an issue with our network and our engineers are working to fix this as quickly as possible. This issue could affect data, calls and text services. We are sorry if you've been impacted by this, please check back here for updates.

YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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Strong 4g Signal - Poor Download Speeds

I recently activated a unlimited data only plan sim, which I’m using in a Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi 2 hub. The 4g signal strength is max bars but the download speed is often between 0 to 6m, although upload often far better at 10 to 15m (if only it was the...

Davlon by SMARTY Maverick
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Poor network coverage (network status) - new joiner

Hi - I've recently joined Smarty with multiple devices (for myself and family members). I live in the centre of a large city and have always had good phone reception from other providers (PlusNet, GiffGaff, Lebara). However, since joining Smarty I'm ...

Not receiving some texts abroad

I am currently not receiving texts from some people known to me and organisations (including frustratingly two stage verification codes) while abroad in Australia.  Texts from others including Smarty's verification code work fine.   I have the releva...

Mjw126 by SMARTY Pioneer
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No incoming voice calls.

Hi..I am not receiving any incoming voice calls on my iphone.  No calls go to voicemail but voice calls can be made outgoing. Only calls over WiFi fully work. I've checked call forwarding but it's not an option that you can open (it doesn't load up.w...