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Resolved! Auto Renew experience

I am interested to know what other’s experience of the seamless auto renew process?I’ve been with SMARTY around 4 months, and every month, on the anniversary date,  my account goes into pause at midnight.  It renews, but I am unclear whether it has o...

Michael_T by SMARTY Teamster
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Auto-Renewal Failure

Hi there My SMARTY plan has been on auto-renewal since I opened my account and has renewed every month accordingly, for well over a year. Today it failed to renew. I have tried twice to renew it manually this morning and each time I get an on-screen ...

Wilma by SMARTY Maverick
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Going away for 3 months

I am on 100 GB for £12 a month which auto renews on the 1st of each month.  I am going away on the 24th January and back on the 24th April.  I want to stay with Smarty and I must keep my number but I do not want to be paying out £12 each month I am a...

Resolved! Remove payment option

Does any one know how to remove a payment option? My account lists several debit cards I have used for payment in the past, as well as the current one.  I want to remove these from the list (housekeeping) but I can't find how to do it. If I select on...

Resolved! Dual SIM Phone

Hi Peeps,I recently had a motorhome with WiFi and SMARTY sim. Sold MH but kept sim card. Temporarily paused account.I have a dual SIM unlocked mobile phone. If I activate said sim card, can I use it in my Mobile phone ? Thanks 

Group plan topping up

Hi,I've got a group plan setup with multiple members, we've had some issues with using the same card more than 3 or so times (currently with chat support apparently, 24 hours passed and currently no luck), and we're in need of getting our sims back u...

Smarty for caravan

Just started using Smatty for my caravan it works really well I’m just wondering I have finished using the caravan for this year and won’t be using it until next April I have stop auto renew for now how do I reactivate it next year

AndrewEP by SMARTY Pioneer
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Resolved! Subscription

You’ve taken £17 out of my account I’m sure I turned of auto renew could you please refund me 

Auto renewal

Hi I stop my auto renewal because of very bad signal for past 45 days . I got over £6 credit on my account I want to change my plan but it say I have to turn auto renewal on of I want to change my plan . I rather leave smarty for good but not turn on...

Contract length

Hi all     I have just signed up and it says the length of the contract is for 1 month. Is there any way I can change this to a 12 month contract. I've not yet received my sim so have not activated yet

Auto renew feature

Does anybody else have issues with the Auto renew feature?  It's a real pain as I've found my plan has paused on two occasions now despite having the auto renew 'enabled'. No help from the bot and if it's out of hours you might as well forget about i...

Help please

Hi I am with SMARTY without auto renew but my plan ran out by 1 day over. I logged in to my dashboard. I find I need a new SIM !!!! Why couldn't I just buy a new plan. I have ordered a new SIM. BUT now I am told I have no service for now and when I g...

Resolved! Subscription

I have noticed a payment going out of my bank today I didn’t sign up for subscription