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Group Plans + Bonus SIM Card

Hi All, new customer here.   I got a Bonus SIM in with my new SIM so thought I would get my Daughter a contract.  Disappointing too see that the new offers are only available to new customers, but I digress.  So I am all set up, I click on the Group ...

Group billing

Who pays for billing of group? Info on this ambiguous at best. Finally got person/AI? on chat to confirm that on joining a group each individual member's original payment method becomes redundant and payment comes from the group owner's chosen paymen...

Resolved! Iphone mini 12 sim card

Hello... hope someone can help... I might be being dim (very possible) but have just got a Iphone mini 12 and when it comes to putting my existing sim card in, the tray looks like it should take a sim card that is the same size (nano) but the part of...

Moving my wife from Three to Smarty

Hi, currently have a SMARTY SIM for my daughter and I am looking to move my wife from Three. I noted there is a Winter offer of 15GB for £7 which will be ideal for her. But if I try to do it via a Group it seems I get either 8 GB for £ 6.30 (10% off ...

Adding a new Sim

I have a monthly plan for my oldest son which I pay for from my bank account and use my own email account, it renewed yesterday. I would like to add another plan for my other son who is getting a phone on his birthday on 29th Oct.  What is the best w...

Resolved! Change name of a user within a group plan

Hello, I have added my son to our group plan but when his Smarty account was initially created we used my name (he was the set up before anyone else), so we now have 2 users under our group of 8 users with the same name, albeit different phone number...

Group plan topping up

Hi,I've got a group plan setup with multiple members, we've had some issues with using the same card more than 3 or so times (currently with chat support apparently, 24 hours passed and currently no luck), and we're in need of getting our sims back u...

Resolved! Family Group

I have my older kids on my group and I would like them to start paying for their own mobiles now they’re working. How can I remove them from the group without them losing their number. Ideally I want them to have their own smarty login where they can...

Setup 2nd SIM in a group, which email address?

Hi all, so briefly, I used the SMARTY app to request a SIM card for my wife and Gabe her name, email address etc and the SIM duly arrived (all good so far). My wife then asked me to set up the SIM card in her phone .. challenge accepted.  Then it kin...

k3vi_n by SMARTY Pioneer
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Resolved! Help need group information

Hi I would like to have my son join smarty he has a chip but from a different provider I would like for him to switch to smarty using his same number or do I still need to buy him a separate chip thanks

Group plan set parental control for non owner member

Hello there i have a group plan where I, as the owner, can set the parental control for the owner phone. However, I have another phone in the group and cannot seem to see settings  to set up the parental control for that phone. Can anyone help and ad...

Appalling experience with Smarty

I have a group plan, been paying my lads SIM for months, he has never once received mobile data.   Only today did my daughters SIM register. Again no mobile data despite being paid.   That's four Sims being paid for with only two working, and another...

Group plan activation

Trying to start a group plan with my bonus sim. It's just not happening,  keep being told new sim will be sent in post. Please help, getting so frustrated. Thanks.

Resolved! Transfer number to group plan

How do I transfer my old number to a group plan? In the help page below, it shows one can select a group member to submit PAC for. But in my account setting as group owner, there is no such selection available.

yuen by SMARTY Pioneer
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Group discount not applied

My family have two plans at £10 per month each I’m still not receiving the group discount plan of 10% I seem to be getting nowhere with contacting smarty to get this resolved any help out there  tim

Resolved! Group %10 Discount.

So I've been with Smarty a month now, I have a group set up with mine & my daughter's SIM card When registering it was advertised that you get %10 off while in a group. I received my bill on the 22nd & was billed two £10s instead of £9?   Is there so...

Brooker88 by SMARTY Maverick
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I have ordered a sim which i will activate on 9th March, can i set up a group (getting a sim for my wife) before i activate?