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The free European roaming is a great deal for frequent travellers. In order to give these customers more value for money SMARTY could have a tie in with the Avios scheme. Three already offers Avios point for new contacts signed but as SMARTY is contr...

Smarty - Redesign SIM card packaging UPDATED 5th APRIL

Just a few thoughts to hopefully avoid disappointment from new customers : 1, Make it clear that Smarty runs on 3, advising people that if they haven’t already, they need to check the coverage of 3 where they live, work and socialise. People are attr...

PoW Paint Job

Greetings, I have spotted a Three phase8 monopole site outside Westcott innovation centre (near Aylesbury) with the paint pealing off. This got me thinking, maybe we could get some of the three poles painted in interest colours/styles related to the ...

jonnyphone by SMARTY Commentator
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Increase the EU roaming limit

Having the 12GB available to roam in the EU is fantastic, however it would be better and Smarty would be become a market leader if the ability to use the full amount you have on the tariff selected were available.

k0mk0m by SMARTY Maverick
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Please allow group sharing / pooling / transfer of data allowance

If you have multiple family sims with a monthly data allowance in a group plan, some sims may run out of data while on other sims, there is remaining data.Please allow group data allowance to be shared / transferred / pooled.An enquiry has been made ...

Roaming further than Europe

It is great we can roam in Europe for no extra cost subject to fair use.I would like the option for a similar option when visiting other countries too.For example, in the summer I am going to Turkey for the first time. As an example, I will end up pa...

Finally allow short text codes

Come on SMARTY, you've been claiming to be working on implementing it for over 12 months yet still nothing... 

Sy by SMARTY Pioneer
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[Ideas] What more can SMARTY do for you?

At SMARTY, we're all about giving you the best value possible. We’re always on the lookout for ways to give you more for your money.  We'd love to hear your thoughts on extra things you’d like to see in our plans. Perks, savings on other brands - we...

YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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