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SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick
Status: New

It is great we can roam in Europe for no extra cost subject to fair use.

I would like the option for a similar option when visiting other countries too.

For example, in the summer I am going to Turkey for the first time. As an example, I will end up paying, say, £15 for a Lyca Mobile sim for a month to have 15Gb data rather than risk clocking up a big bill for not a lot of data with Smarty.

Wouldn't it be great if we could pay the £15 to Smarty and be able to use our allowance subject to the same limits as in the EU?

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Couldn't agree more. I'm off to the States soon and will have to use a Three PAYG SIM with a £10 top us so I can have unlimited calls, texts and 12Gb of international data to use whilst there.

I'd much rather pay that money to SMARTY for the same offer and able to use my own number. 

SMARTY Superhero
SMARTY Superhero

@Mathemagic @Sy  I understand why you would like this feature.

The problem I see is that the other companies may be less willing to cut Smarty into the deal and they are hardly likely to do it for free.

It is important to remember that these networks all run as profit-making businesses and so are only likely to introduce features that are either without cost or preferably add to the bottom line.

SMARTY Commentator
SMARTY Commentator

@Sy I have just returned from the States :

I set up a “Tello” eSIM (Tello is a T-Mobile MVNO) which Tello allow you to activate BEFORE you reach the States. (Tello doesn’t yet offer international roaming, but WiFi calling works well)

”US Mobile” also offer eSIM, but activation must be done in the States.

Also, Amazon ship both Tello and “US Mobile” SIM cards to UK addresses from their warehouse in Edison, New Jersey, which takes about two weeks. 

US Mobile give you a choice of two networks currently - Their “Warp” service runs on Verizon, their GSM service runs on T-Mobile, and will soon be renamed “Halo”, as on 1st June, they will launch their “DeathStar” MVNO network on ATT.

Interestingly, US Mobile are planning to unveil native roaming throughout the States, with phones switching automatically between each of their three networks depending on which offers the best signal wherever you are, so, in theory at least, you should always have good coverage. 

If you were to look at Tello, and decide to give it a go, let me know, I can give you my referral code and who would each get $10 Tello Dollars