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SMARTY Community Manager SMARTY Community Manager
SMARTY Community Manager
Status: New


We’re always looking to improve our SMARTY app, and we want to get your thoughts on your experience (good or bad).

How do you use it? What other features would you want to see?

1 Comment
SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

I like the Smarty app! I think it looks cleaner than the website dashboard (which I do feel looks a bit of a mess on the homepage - perhaps due to the offer being displayed that I currently have active) however some improvements could be:

- The usage should show in the same increments as the website dashboard. At time of writing this comment the website dashboard says I have 34.28GB left of 40GB, but the app says I have 34.3GB left of 40GB. It is not the biggest issue ever, but I really like things to be specific

- Change plan screen should show all options listed all on one screen. I don't like the way it appears having to swipe through the options

- The app dashboard should show how long an active offer has left (if applicable). The website dashboard shows I have 14 months left but I cannot find this showing on the app

- Light & dark mode options. I prefer dark mode and this is the default, but the option for a light mode would be nice.

- In-app payment history should show PayPoint top ups. I topped up £10 but can't see this mentioned in-app, only on the website.