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Resolved! Egypt

Do I need to switch roaming on when I land in Egypt? I only want to use data for internet and wifi calling (There is no 5G)? Am I better off to but a local SIM when I arrive?      

Resolved! Roaming month

What month is meant for the roaming 12gb limit?  Is it the calendar month, a month from when you start roaming, your subscription month or something else?

How do I get back on???

I have unlimited smarty in UK. Currently I Ireland in my Motorhome with the smarty sim in my onboard router and have hit the 12GB EU fair use barrier. So have bought a 3 day unlimited add on but seem to be locked out of my network. I go through an in...

Resolved! Switzerland charges

I travel to France very close to the Swiss border every few months. I’m confused by the text message I get from Smarty when I unknowingly connect to a Swiss provider - it contradicts itself. Is it free to receive calls and texts or not? Please can an...

Resolved! Help needed to connect to EU roaming

I have a redmi note 11 which only has the option of International roaming. It then says I will be charged. Smarty says EU I can continue to use my UK data. I'm in Italy and am without connection when I'm away from WiFi. Can anyone advise please? I ha...

Roaming - issues setting up Android

Hello Smarty community, I am currently in Cambodia and my main phone decided to kick the bucket. I had a Smarty SIM in it. I've got a backup device with me (both phones purchased in the UK) so popped the SIM in, and I started the process of swapping ...

seb11 by SMARTY Enquirer
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Data add on abroad

I’m currently in Italy. I’ve changed all my settings to what it says in the website. Added a screenshot for reference. I’ve brought an EU add on (which says works if I have over 12gb of data on my normal plan. And I have 60gb). I also have my roamin...



When I went to set up phone for roaming  The APN was already set to MOB.ASM.NET  do some phone set up automatically when you insert the sim 

Roaming not working

Hello I have changed the APN on my iPhone 13 but roaming isn’t working. What can I do to fix this?I’m in Spain if that matters. Thank you

Resolved! Channel Islands

I’m currently in the Channel Islands and can’t get my phone to work. I’ve bought a data add on and also tried switching the APN to but still no luck…any advice appreciated 

Resolved! european travel

We are soon to travel France and Spain in our motorhome for 3 months. At the moment we have a £10 a month data only sim, what is the best way to proceed re data ?Terry Guyton

Using phone abroad

In Greece new to smarty have changed the settings to use my iPhone abroad when I got here still no service what am I doing wrong.. any ideas ? 

Setting Up XC90 for data Roaming

I have just bought a dat only Smarty SIM to use in my Volvo XC90. I have activated the dim and is working well. We are due to be in France next week and want to use it for data roaming. My understanding is that I need change the APN setting to enable...