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Resolved! [Network Issue] Service Update

We are aware of an issue with our network and our engineers are working to fix this as quickly as possible. This issue could affect data, calls and text services. We are sorry if you've been impacted by this, please check back here for updates.

YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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Data usage

Hi - I've just come over to Smarty from sky, and I'm amazed about how much data it says I've used. 5GB in 24 hrs and I've hardly used it! I used to use 4GB over a month before. I don't understand how it's calculated my usage.  Can any one help with t...

Advantage of data only?

I’m an existing Smarty customer with my phone and looking at getting a second sim for using in a mifi device. Data only sims seem more expensive than a normal one with the same amount of data - any ideas why please?

Resolved! Download Speed...Mbs

I have activated a new SIM from Smarty after using EE for 6 years. The reason for the change was the Unlimited Data price. WHAT A MISTAKE THAT WAS. Realising this after only 2 days. My EE Download speed is 75Mbs average.  SMARTY' Download speed is a ...

Data not working at all

I’m new to smarty, just put my sim in after waiting days for my number to transfer. All details are up to date (I’ve changed my mobile data settings like the post says to do once joining). When I put data on and turn off WiFi the top of my status bar...

SIM Card activated but no data

Hi. I've just signed up for the smarty unlimited data/calls/text 1 month plan. I've received an email and text saying it's activated and  my phone says I'm on the smarty network and I have a full signal  but I have no mobile data to access the intern...

Omega by SMARTY Rookie
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Happy Black Friday! Check out SMARTY's no-stress offers 🎉

Black Friday is once again upon us! And at SMARTY, we believe in making life simpler, especially during the hustle and bustle of sale season. That's why we're excited to share with the SMARTY community our Black Friday SIM Only deals that are no-non...

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Anny by Team SMARTY
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data only sim

Hi have just opened new data plan with you and sent new sim, all put in no problem but when on smarty site no avtivate new sim comes up. Would it be easier to renew old plan with that sim ? Terry

Connection issues while full signal

For background, i uses an android phone with smarty sim service. Weirdly, sometimes i will have full signal but the data seems not delivering for a few minutes. I have a app that do the IT stuff for me. The connection strength is -105dB. Which is sup...

What is the best 4G Router for SMARTY

So my parents live in an area with no 5G and they don't want to keep using VM or keep increasing the price every year. They also want to keep unlimited data and have unlimited calls so I assume they can use an unlocked Huawei B311 router but how old ...

Data add on abroad

I’m currently in Italy. I’ve changed all my settings to what it says in the website. Added a screenshot for reference. I’ve brought an EU add on (which says works if I have over 12gb of data on my normal plan. And I have 60gb). I also have my roamin...