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Resolved! Adult content blocked on mobile data...

... But comes through on WiFi. Adult content filter is set to off in the app, and when I authorise the £1 payment to verify I'm over 18, the app gives a failed  transaction message yet my bank notifies me it's gone through? Any ideas? I've cleared th...

Towser by SMARTY Pioneer
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18+ Content - enabled but cannot access

SIM 1 - this is in my Android cellphoneSIM 2 - this is in my home 5G router, unlimited dataBOTH SIM 1 and 2 had their 18+ Content ENABLED on 14/6/23 after submitted my photo ID as requested by Smarty. Everything have been working fine with no issues ...

Jon2023 by SMARTY Commentator
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Resolved! "" is blocked. Why? is blocked. I can't open it in any browser, but can open it using Opera's VPN. Why is this good website blocked?  

NoSpam by SMARTY Pioneer
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Resolved! Notifications only arrive when connected to wifi

Hi, my wife and I both have Pixel 2 phones on the 30GB tariff (we recently downgraded from the Unlimited tariff) and notice that over the past week or so, push notifications only arrive when we are connected to wifi.  When out on 4G, we can use all o...

Adult Content - Idea for Smarty Marketing Manager

As we see daily requests for help on how to remove the adult content filter, I had an idea for the Smarty Marketing Department. A new customer can send in a copy of their passport or driving licence, to prove they are over 18.Then, Smarty send them a...

JJP2 by SMARTY Pro-coach
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Adult content

I have used my card as instructed on my dashboard three times .. the money has left my account and I am still blocked ?


Hi, I'm trying to access the internet archive facility "Wayback Machine", but your system blocks it as adult content. It is just an archive of the internet, please could you remove it from your blocking. thanks  

Namitch by SMARTY Pioneer
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Couple of questions. New here

Hi I bought a sim for my son.  How do I cap the monthly amount so he doesn't buy stuff on my bank card? Is the 18+ turned on when you recieve the sim as I don't want him ending up on random sites? Many thanks Danny      

Group plan set parental control for non owner member

Hello there i have a group plan where I, as the owner, can set the parental control for the owner phone. However, I have another phone in the group and cannot seem to see settings  to set up the parental control for that phone. Can anyone help and ad...