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Adult Content - Idea for Smarty Marketing Manager

SMARTY Pro-coach
SMARTY Pro-coach

As we see daily requests for help on how to remove the adult content filter, I had an idea for the Smarty Marketing Department. 

A new customer can send in a copy of their passport or driving licence, to prove they are over 18.

Then, Smarty send them a SIM card with the adult content filter already turned off. 

Maybe, going one step further, a voucher is sent with the SIM card, to be redeemed for a supply of Kleenex ? As Smarty are based in Reading, maybe a tie up with Waitrose, based in nearby Bracknell, could be arranged ? 

Just a fapp, er I mean thought. 

When you refer a friend to SMARTY, you’ll both get your choice of a Gift card. We would love to know what type of Gift card you'd want to receive, so that we can make our referral programme even better!