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Happy Black Friday! Check out SMARTY's no-stress offers 🎉

Black Friday is once again upon us! And at SMARTY, we believe in making life simpler, especially during the hustle and bustle of sale season. That's why we're excited to share with the SMARTY community our Black Friday SIM Only deals that are no-non...

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Anny by Team SMARTY
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Resolved! Visual Voicemail

Any plans for Visual Voicemail for SMARTY and any other networks that use the 3 network infrastructure?  Voicemail is quite 1990s in that it delivers a text with a just a phone number, so you have to dial voicemail in order to identify who the caller...

Michael_T by SMARTY Teamster
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Resolved! How do you run two SIMs off the same, original account

I have a spare SIM and would like to run it off my original account simultaneously - i.e. two different devices running off the same account at the same time. The nearest I can see is a Group SIM but that involves activating the second SIM and that i...

Resolved! Calls to other smarty numbers

Hi,  Do you get free smarty to smarty calls? So for example, if my daughter couldn’t afford her payment one month and had no allowances, could she still call me? thanks 

Floating credit

Hi, I'm new here, greetings to all.Have a quick Q for anyone that could help. Ive put £6 into my smarty account,how do i add it towards a payment?  Thanks for your help

Roger82 by SMARTY Rookie
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Data only Sim vs Voice Sim

I have a 4g mifi device that takes any Sim. I want to use this to connect my tablet to the internet. My question is do I have to get a data only plan Sim or can I get a normal plan used for a phone? Reason for my question is Unlimited data on the nor...

Resolved! Account suspension

I only use my sim card for my mobile router when caravaning can I suspend my account when not in use, and restart when in use with no extra costs. 

Using my free SIM

I received a free smarty SIM with a mobile wifi device but when signing up to a data plan it says my SIM will be delivered in 2 working days. Is there any way to active the SIM I already have without waiting for the new SIM?

Resolved! Variations in size of data in voice, text and data plans

Hi All,I've just emailed Smarty, asking if they have any plans to have a 50Gb or 75Gb data plan (with voice and texts), and am awaiting a reply with interest.From what I've seen, I'm being offered a number of data plans up to 30Gb, then there is a ju...

Resolved! £18 Unlimited data sim

I am trying to order an £18 unlimited data sim from my dashboard and when I click the view plans and select the unlimited, I end up at my dsashboard with no notification that my sim order has gone through. No email has been sent to state I have order...

Advantage of data only?

I’m an existing Smarty customer with my phone and looking at getting a second sim for using in a mifi device. Data only sims seem more expensive than a normal one with the same amount of data - any ideas why please?