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Samsung A34 5G wifi calling

Just joined Smarty with my Samsung A34 5G dual sim.Wifi calling works with both sims simultaneously and 5G on both simultaneously, one is on EE and the other is Smarty.There does seem to be an issue with Smarty going onto wifi calling, it seems to pr...

Stan by SMARTY Pioneer
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Poor network coverage (network status) - new joiner

Hi - I've recently joined Smarty with multiple devices (for myself and family members). I live in the centre of a large city and have always had good phone reception from other providers (PlusNet, GiffGaff, Lebara). However, since joining Smarty I'm ...

Wi-fi calling suddenly working

I've posted here before about not being able to get wi-fi calling on a Moto G54. Well suddenly I can. Just what I needed to save me from the tedious business of swapping networks. But the Moto G54 is still not on the compatibility list. I'm curious t...

Dducks22 by SMARTY Maverick
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Wi-fi calling on Moto G54

This is an update to earlier mid-December postings on wi-fi calling that weren't then visible because of SMARTY problems.I bought a Moto G54 recently wanting it for wi-fi calling. Thinking that as it was a modern phone (only came out last September) ...

Dducks22 by SMARTY Maverick
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Wifi calling

I have a OnePlus Nord 2t (dual sim). With my Three SIM I can use wi-fi calling. I expected to be able to do the same with my new Smarty SIM, however, it does not work.  If I switch on Airplane mode and switch wi-fi back on the Three SIM can make call...

Wifi Preferred Option

Hi! I have a new Fold 4 and noticed a behaviour around wifi calling. I have enabled wifi calling in the menu - when the mobile signal drops to no bars the wifi calling icon appears. When the signal moves to 1 or 2 bars then it turns off. This is an i...

Nokia XR21

Hi, has anyone successfully set up Wi-Fi calling on a Nokia XR21?

Resolved! Oppo reno 8 pro WiFi calling

Does anyone know if WiFi calling works with the oppo reno 8 pro handset? Used to use a oneplus 10 pro with my smarty sim and no problems but the reno isn't showing any WiFi calling symbol in the status bar even when there's no network signal. 

Resolved! Wifi calling intermittent on iphone 13 ioS 16.5

My wife is experiencing intermittent Wifi calling  on her iphone 13 ioS 16.5. However, on the same home network etc my old iphone 6S+ ioS 15.7.6 experienes no such issues. We use a Smarty data only 4G sim for internet access in the house. We have a T...

WiFi calling requires signal?

I often have no signal at my new house. Not a sausage. WiFi is great, though. The problem is that if I don't have at least one bar, my phone won't even try to make a call. So long as I have a bar, it'll use WiFi calling and all works great. My impres...

giddie by SMARTY Pioneer
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WiFi Calling stopped just as phone was connected

I have just had my phone number ported from my previous supplier. My previous supplier was 3 and I had WiFi calling. My number was ported via Smarty from £ and my WiFi calling has now stopped working.  One of the reasons I need WiFi calling is becaus...

ronecc28 by SMARTY Rookie
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Wifi calling procedure

Waiting for sim card to arrive. Will the wifi calling work automatically or do I have to set the phone up? My phone (approved on Smarty list) is Google Pixel 6.

Poco F5 Pro WiFi Calling Issue

Hi,Does anyone else have the F5 Pro yet? I'm finding that WiFi calling doesn't seem to work/connect. I've seen VoWiFi show up once or twice, but it quickly disappears & I've not seen VoLTE show at all. Does anyone else who has a Xiaomi phone find thi...

djp2k23 by SMARTY Pioneer
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can I prioritise to wifi calling at home?

I live in a poor reception area, 2, 1 or no bars. I have 'wifi calling ' enabled. On 1 or 2 bars I can call but the call gets into difficulty and eventually the line drops out. Can I force my phone/Smaty to prioiritse to always make wifi calls from h...

DavidWyWy by SMARTY Pioneer
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Xiaomi 12 lite wifi calling

Hi, can someone tell me if the xiaomi 12 lite can make WiFi calls off smarty? I checked the compatibility list but it's not on there (it is a new device!) but I'm currently using an oppo x5 on smarty and use WiFi calling...but that's not on the list ...

Delay on WiFi calling

Only moved to SMARTY from Three a month ago.  There is a delay between when I speak and the other person hears it. It makes it impossible to have conversations. There is nothing wrong with my broadband. It was never like this with three but I can’t i...