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Poor network coverage (network status) - new joiner

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Hi - I've recently joined Smarty with multiple devices (for myself and family members). I live in the centre of a large city and have always had good phone reception from other providers (PlusNet, GiffGaff, Lebara). 

However, since joining Smarty I'm suffering from very low levels of connectivity and the phone is constantly connecting to Wifi Call. I've done the usual checks (clean/reinsert SIM, try another device, airplane mode etc) and it persists.

I can see from searching on here this is an issue affecting other users, and the network status page provides a rather unhelpful generic message about work taking place but without any timescales. Chatting to Smarty support didn't help today.

Does anything knowledgable about Smarty on here perhaps have any other suggestions I could look at before I consider ditching Smarty and moving to another provider? I like the ethos and the initial customer engagement was great, but ultimately I need a phone service that works.

(iPhone XS Max running IOS17)



SMARTY Pro-coach
SMARTY Pro-coach

Did you buy Smarty SIMs blind or check the network coverage in the first instance before joining Smarty. 

Since I have been with Smarty in June, I have quite frankly been amazed at the number of people who obtain a Smarty SIM purely on price, without checking the coverage of Three, Smarty’s parent network, where they live, work and socialise. 

You absolutely have to check the coverage on whatever network you plan to use before parting with your hard earned cash. Where I live for example, O2 is extremely poor, so I won’t use O2 or any MVNO’s that use O2, such as Tesco Mobile.

Before I switched to Smarty, it was imperative that I check the coverage of Three where I mostly use my phone, to ensure that it gave me the coverage I require. 

Smarty could be 1p a month, but, if it didn’t offer coverage where I need it most, it would be pointless me using Smarty. 

I was already on Three with no real issues, got a Smarty Sim and it is not the same coverage at all. Complete let down.

Yes I did check the network coverage before joining. It's showing as very good for 3G, 4G and 5G.

This is something I've always done when selecting a provider.

Was that by getting a test SIM card and evaluating real-world reception, or by using an online theoretical prediction for signal coverage at a given location @martiny_2280145

Neither. It was the published information on the Three website based on my postcode

I checked the coverage in my area online- indoor and outdoor is claimed at 4G.

This is not matched by the performance in my actual house 

@Rankersbo Inside a property can often be a different matter, particularly if there are metal beams etc.

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

I'm having similar problems.  My area has excellent 4G coverage but oddly Smarty doesn't.  I can only assume at this point the problem is not with Three's network but Smarty themselves.  It's very disappointing as Smarty are the only provider that offer a Data only SIM with unlimited tethering, which makes them on paper at least, ideal for mobile routers.

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Hi Martiny,

Did you contact Smarty support and if so, did they offer any advise on what the problem could be?

You can live chat to them here:



Hi - I thought I'd replied to this, but it seems I hadn't.  Thanks for your suggestion. I did contact them and the response was pretty unhelpful.

For completeness here's where and what I've checked:

Check your network coverage result based on my postcode is "3G - yes you have service; 4G - yes very good service; 5G - yes 5G is available"

Network Status Checker "We're fixing an issue with our network in this area. We’re sorry for any disruption you experience. Our engineers are working on masts nearby, which means the rest of our network is handling more traffic than usual. Updates on our work will be posted here. We’re working as fast as we can to build a better, stronger network in your area."

The second link is the one I find somewhat frustrating. Whilst the 'last updated' timer regularly changes at the bottom of the message, the message has remained the same since I joined Smarty. It tells me nothing about what is actually happening (and neither could Support). I fully understand maintenance and upgrades are required from time to time, but I don't understand how I'm supposedly getting excellent 4G from one link and issues from the other.

I live in a modern building with minimum obstruction from building materials. I'm close to phone masts and I get excellent indoor and outdoor signal with Vodafone and EE. I have tried this phone/SIM in other locations in my city and elsewhere, which work fine. So this seems to point to the issue being the strength of signal at my home location (indoors and outdoors) through Smarty on Three. 

@Rebekah_150 tagged for info and potential follow-up.


Got the same  problem  no Internet  contracted  3 there  are no problems  but smarty  say there is just  lies  all the time  just changing  providers 

SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

I am sorry you have been having issues and that our network status checker is showing an issue at your postcode, it is updated regularly however we can not guarantee a fault free services and are not always able to provide a definitive date on when coverage may improve. Coverage can vary between networks in the same location, we do understand if we are not the right network for you and can cancel at any point you wish without any penalties.