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Data Add-on not working

‎Hi , My daughter used all of her data this month so I purchased an UK unlimited data add-on  pass for 7 daysIt is active but she is not able to use any mobile data.It has been been over 2 days since the add-on was activated but no dataHas anyone els...

Very poor indoor signal at home

hi everybody, overall my experience with SMARTY is quite good especially with the 5G. However, I am facing very weak or non-existent indoor signal. I have unlimited data which I intend to use at home as well, but it is so useless that I can’t even do...

"Sorry you've not been given access to this service"

Is there any compensation schemes running for this error? I'm left unable to make calls on my own number, this is getting ridiculous now!I have checked my payment history and all seems to be normal, so frustrating!FYI some numbers do work but most ar...

Resolved! New user - can't connect to Wifi during transfer period

I'm a new customer, I transferred from EE and activated my SIM 2 days ago.  I'm currently in the transfer period of bringing over my new number due to complete tomorrow 15/04/24. It was working fine last night but as of today my phone is unusable - I...

2644212 by SMARTY Maverick
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Resolved! the worst Customer service agent I have ever come across.

I contacted support yesterday, and had an agent that was excellent, fast efficient and resolved the issue. It recurred today, and I have had the worst experience ever. First Dhar**** ignores the chat for what was forever responding, then when asking ...

ROAR_Y by SMARTY Pioneer
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18+ Content - enabled but cannot access

SIM 1 - this is in my Android cellphoneSIM 2 - this is in my home 5G router, unlimited dataBOTH SIM 1 and 2 had their 18+ Content ENABLED on 14/6/23 after submitted my photo ID as requested by Smarty. Everything have been working fine with no issues ...

Jon2023 by SMARTY Commentator
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Resolved! [Network Issue] Service Update

We are aware of an issue with our network and our engineers are working to fix this as quickly as possible. This issue could affect data, calls and text services. We are sorry if you've been impacted by this, please check back here for updates.

YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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Poor network coverage (network status) - new joiner

Hi - I've recently joined Smarty with multiple devices (for myself and family members). I live in the centre of a large city and have always had good phone reception from other providers (PlusNet, GiffGaff, Lebara). However, since joining Smarty I'm ...

No Hotspot

Ever since the outage on 2024-02-09, the “Personal Hotspot” setting disappeared in my iOS settings and when I go to “Mobile Service”>”Set Up Personal Hotspot”, it says “To enable personal hotspot on this account, contact Three”.Help please.

Brian by SMARTY Pioneer
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MMS service and user safety.

I think I would like to request smarty addressing the issue where sending images via MMS is concerned is too small.  300Kbs is not enough when other networks allow 3meg upto 10meg per file.  I use the emergency service on my phone for safety and it a...

Resolved! Ported in the iPhone but cant edit 'my number'

I just had my number port into the Smarty SIM and it all looks ok. If I call out it shows the correct number.However, Facetime and imessage still show the original Smarty number that was replaced. If I go to settings/phone/my number and edit it to be...

Resolved! Iphone mini 12 sim card

Hello... hope someone can help... I might be being dim (very possible) but have just got a Iphone mini 12 and when it comes to putting my existing sim card in, the tray looks like it should take a sim card that is the same size (nano) but the part of...

Resolved! Not receiving 2FA texts after porting

Hello! 2 weeks ago I have decided to give SMARTY a try and ported my old phone number from Vectone. Since then I can only make and receive phone calls, but can't send or receive SMS text messages. After trying all the guides I could find on the websi...

xYorYx by SMARTY Maverick
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Area congested, Engineers aware and trying to fix

New SMARTY customer, not a good start at all with awful 4g speeds Ported over my number today 4th December, put the Smarty sim in, first thing i noticed was only showing 4G when my previous network I would be on 4G +. So i did a speed test got, 7.91 ...

Resolved! SMARTY Add ons

Hello I need some help and adviceI was told that I was running out of data (4GB) 822MB left,  so I bought another 10 GB extraToday I receive a notification that my 4GB has nearly run out ... there seems to be no reference to the 10GB that I bought on...

Number not recognized.

Hello,I have called today to request my voicemail to be turned off and the minute I have confirmed to customer services my number when they ask me if thats the number I want to switch my voicemail off from, my connection completly switched off. And w...


I  have "tested" the SIM whilst overseas and operation is good. I am now back in the UK and wish to switch my number.  I have a PAC from SKY but but  SMARTY does not recognise the supplied data so I cannot transfer my number. If I cannot do this I wi...