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RCS chat wrong number after port to Smarty

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick


My number has successfully been ported over to Smarty but my number in RCS messages is showing the original number before the port.

I have tried turning off and back on RCS chat, restarting the phone, switching the phone off, removing the sim etc but to no avail.

Phone is Oppo Android if that helps.

Thanks for any suggestion for a fix.


SMARTY Trendsetter
SMARTY Trendsetter

Okay @MartinK_2563556, sometimes the following steps can help with this: 

  1. Turn OFF RCS chats (“Chat features”) in the Google Messages app.
  2. Turn OFF the handset and carefully remove the SIM card.
  3. Check the SIM card is clean and undamaged, wait 15-minutes before re-inserting the SIM card.
  4. Turn ON the handset.
  5. Turn ON RCS chats.


Thanks for the suggestion.

It didn't work I'm afraid. After following the instructions and turning RCS chats on, it tried to verify my number but failed and reverted back to the old number.

I'm guessing perhaps you used the SMARTY SIM in your Oppo handset before switching your number to SMARTY, @MartinK_2563556

If so, Google's RCS servers registered the Oppo as using the number SMARTY allocated for your connection to their network.

Have you tried using the online Google Messages deactivation web portal?

If you've done this, then maybe just turn OFF RCS in Google Messages app for several weeks. The Google RCS servers usually sort themselves out, eventually.


Hi again.

Thanks for your replies.

You are right that I have been previously using the Smarty  SIM in my Oppo handset. I had the old SIM as a second SIM but no longer required that hence the switch to using a single SIM.

I have tried to fill in the form in the link you provided but it keeps asking me to check the number and try again.

Thanks again.

Thinking about it, not sure you can actually use the link to deregister from RCS, @MartinK_2563556

The number you want to deregister would be the initial number SMARTY allocated, before you switched the number you wanted to keep over to SMARTY. 

Since you've switched now, there's no way of now receiving the verification code for the initial SMARTY number. 

Maybe worth turning OFF RCS in Google Messages app for a few weeks. The Google RCS servers should sort themselves out, eventually.




I managed to resolve this now by logging into my Google account where I could see both phone numbers listed, so I deleted the old one, checked in RCS messages and it updated to the correct number.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions  @Chalkychap, much appreciated.


That's good to hear, @MartinK_2563556

Seems like Google set plenty of traps for the unwary. 

Kepp the old number I want to use it. Transfer my tapped up to my old number 

07481618937 I tapped up the wrong number

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Reset your network settings