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[UPDATE] Coverage Checker and Network Status Checker

    We have some exciting news for you! SMARTY has gone LIVE with our new and improved Coverage Checker and Network Status Checker.  How Can You Explore the New Coverage Checker? Simply head over to and click on the Coverage Checker Cov...

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YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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Ordering the sim

Hi, hope you’re welli ordered my sim on Monday of 100gb data. Amount was deducted from my account but i didn’t receive yet. How long do you have to finish this delivery?

Smarty deals

Can i get a smarty deal that covers my pc, smart tv, phone calls and texts? Or does it have to be 2 deals, one for router sim for pc & tv and another for phone sim for calls and texts?

Number porting issue

I have to say I am so disappointed in the level of service I am receiving from Smarty Mobile. I have been waiting nearly 48hrs to get my number ported over and it is still not complete and no one in the support is answering any of my messages. This i...


I have been trying to port my number over but without any joy and now the customer service team are not replying to any of my messages! I find this rude and unacceptable... Not what I expected given the reviews.. 

New sim

i have had my new sim in for 3 days and still no service. What do i have to do

Pjwat1 by SMARTY Pioneer
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Transferring numbers

I recently changed from my previous network provider to this network. I wanted to keep my old number but since Friday I’ve been waiting and contacting smarty to be told wait for this day wait for this time wait another 24 hours now wait 24-48 hours. ...

Ee dongle

I've got an EE mifi dongle but have replaced their sim with a Smarty unlimited data sim but all my devices are still showing they are connected to the original EE network. Why am I not connecting to the Smarty 3 network?

Baalamb by SMARTY Pioneer
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Answer phone greeting.

I want to leave the Smarty (man and lady) on my greeting, but it’s asked for my name and has set that. I don’t want to use my voice or name if possible, how can I revert back to Smarty one? 

Deplorable coverage

Compared with my last provider, Giffgaff, I've found Smarty's coverage deplorably poor. Examples: no phone signal in the middle of Castle Douglas; no data in the middle of Dumfries; no data on the M6 at Preston. Rural areas - forget it. This can't be...


Hi all,Newb here. Why do I have to get a verification code every time I want to check my balance?Apart from that, nice and simple system.

A device in 5g vs one out of the list - average speeds

HiI have switched provisionally to S believing I would get unlimited 5g but it turned out there is 'small print' for that, with a list of 5g devices which actually do receive 5g. unfortunately, my pixel 5 is not listed, and is not getting 5g. The spe...

Samsung s22 ultra sim number is old smarty nunber

I have tried all settings but even after the porting. My sim manager in phone shows original smarty nunber. And it should be smarty network who needs to send the new number via their system. How do I get smarty to understand this. As there customer s...

Sim life

If I do not renew my sim plan at the end of the month, how long does the sim stay valid? That is, can I renew it within 6 months say, for it to work again?

Unable to connect to hotspot

I am trying to connect my PC to my personal hotspot wirelessly, however, it is showing on my list of available networks but without any signal and I am unable to connect.

Mobile data

I’m in Slovakia but my mobile data are not working even that are on and roaming is on as well. What should I do?