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Very low internet speeds

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Just bought an unlimited data only sim. Plugged it into the router, but only achieving 0.55 mbps download.

Smarty say excellent 4g coverage.

Got replacement sim and a new router but still the same.

Can anyone give some advice on what we can do please



@JonFlet_2625990  There may not be anything you can do in this situation. Sometimes there is a weak signal where you are - the Coverage checker is general for the postcode and not specific to your home.

I'm assuming that you have the settings correct on the router (otherwise it would not work at all I guess).

Have you tried the sim in a phone to see if data speed any better or if it improves outside the property?

Hello and welcome to smarty. I took was in the same position with poor signal for about 2 weeks until the cell mast went down then issues with signal and data and calls for a bout 2 days. I needed up purchas8mg an antenna to give the signal a minimum 3db boost so I could pick up better signal quality for my calls as call have been intermittent but this antenna has resolved it.  Give this a try as it could help. Also he aware of smarty terms and conditions section 5.15. worth a read.