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Intermittent service in my area for data

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I'm certainly not that critical when it comes to smartys mobile service infrastructure when it comes to cost and being able to manage expectations for them. But I live in Scotland and have just moved to them from BT mobile due to cost. So I was expecting some loss and drop of service due to not ever where gas 5g signal. So again I'm managing expectations on that point. But I feel the data only service plan I have seems really slow. I even have an external antenna picking up my nearest mast signal which translates to 56 meg into the router which even then with ethernet connection it's still slow. Around 46 meg. And the signal strength is never really more than 2 bars. I'm wondering if need to change the antenna I'm using to a better Omni direction as as I do not have line of sight so this would be the better option for this issue. As I feel way to many obstacles and obstructions are in the way. My question is anyone know of an amazing antenna to use other than the X-pole 5g V2 I'm currently using., I'm looking for recommendations please if any. The X-pole has a gain of 3db other I see have 11 dB gain ? Is this even possible to have this much of a gain to an already congested signal with at best 108 snr ?


SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

This is the Smarty community forum, we are customers just like you, we don’t work for Smarty. 

Irrespective of the technical questions, you may simply have fallen foul of section 5.15 of Smarty’s terms and conditions, which state that Smarty Mobile is not to be used as a long term replacement for fixed line broadband. If you have, your service may have been throttled, and could even be suspended at some point. 

As you are having to even use an antenna in the first place, that says to me that you are in a rural location, which doesn’t offer good coverage. Then, on top of that, where you live and nearby buildings / structures may contain a lot of metal, which would be effectively a Faraday Cage, reducing signal strength. 

Irrespective of smarty being a no frills mobile broadband suppliers. The fact it's offered for said service is paramount to it's success I would of though. And saying the service is not to be used for permanent broadband is big statement really. Even if I use my antenna for picking up a better  signal from the mast and should be irrelevant to needs as such, I use this service because I'm rural and weather or not I'm using it for internet on the move in my opinion is mitigated by the fact i pay for the service unlimited so it should be throttled right. My set up is mobile so being throttle seems like a bit of a mockery though. My question in earlier thread was does anyone know of a better antenna to use.And could this help with dB loss so when mobile I've a better service? That's all. How ever i already feel that smarty is trying to be something it's not when advertising a product that potentially is great but falling short of being delivered..

@DTyllye_2225432  Without being flippant, it may be that Smarty will not work well enough for your needs and that does happen.

The good thing is that users are not tied into a long contract if it doesn't work out.

Yes indeed without being flippant🤣 it may not work out so you are most definitely correct,Only 1 month to go 😂🫣. 

Smarty MOBILE is not a broadband service, the clue is in the name !

As this is the Smarty community forum, we are just customers, we don’t work for Smarty. I am sure if you contact Smarty directly , through webchat, which is available from 08.00 - 20.00 seven days a week, they can explain this to you.

Given your rural location, Smarty mobile may not be your best option. It’s a value for money mobile phone service, it dies not pretend to be anything else, it’s not a replacement for fixed line broadband, nor is satellite broadband or Musk’s Starlink.

I clearly understand it's not starlink. I don't think smarty can compete with this level of speed or equipment to Be honest..

4G Coverage

Yes – Excellent service
Great news - 4G is in your area. If your device is 4G calling compatible, you'll have excellent 4G coverage for calls, texts, and mobile internet

@DTyllye_2225432  Do you regularly get 46Megabit speed and yet find that slow? Many people seem to do OK on 38Megabit as a standard broadband.

I understand it may present problems if there are a number of you on at once or gaming etc.

I use an unlimited plan for data just for downloading the odd netflix here and there. And occasionally stream shows as well. So when I set up my kit it was maximum 27 meg. But as I've invested in other equipment I can know see a through put of 78 meg  which is great. However I've seen 287 meg  of a 5g mast as well. But this is in a different location so all good on this part. So my local cell mast isn't a good line of site,so I use an Omni directional antenna as I'm on the move most of the time. So it the best it can get. If I had line of site I would use directional antenna...

@DTyllye_2225432  I think that you have highlighted one of the reasons that Smarty specifically say that it is not a broadband replacement; there can often be speed variation.

Having said that, I thought that those speeds would be fine for Netflix - not the case?

I feel the signal has more inconsistencies as being rural affects the signal and at a distance of 1.4 km. That's not massively far but for everything in its way on the way to my antenna does cause a few issues. 

It is the case when it's a bit slow to stream, however depending on the cell mast being used I could be streaming at a lightening fast pace. So all would be good.

Regarding of steaming and downloading films to watch on the go. Well I've since discovered that for the last 24hrs inu area the cell mast has had an issue. And this was confirmed by smarty as well. Which was nice. This has confirmed the issue of why everything being downloaded was taking for ever. It was slow to say. And no the cell mast issue has been rectified the issue has been resolved with a much better service indeed. As you can hear from my time of writing this. A much happier person now. And probably anyone else in the area as well. The cell mast signal strength is better. The snr and db loss is better so overall it's looking good. If anyone doesn't mind to listen to me waffle on I'll keep you all updated for the speeds being achieved

 Ta for now

@DTyllye_2225432  That's good news!

As I have said before, it is good when people come back with some praise when things work well rather than these pages being filled with pure whinge-fest.

Yes absolutely the world these days do tend to be negative rather than positive. Negativity seems to spread faster than positivity in the world, so a little happier news is always a good thing.

Seems the signal issue has been fixed after all. My previous thread wasn't in vain,