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[UPDATE] Coverage Checker and Network Status Checker

    We have some exciting news for you! SMARTY has gone LIVE with our new and improved Coverage Checker and Network Status Checker.  How Can You Explore the New Coverage Checker? Simply head over to and click on the Coverage Checker Cov...

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YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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4g whilst roaming

Anyone else have an issue where their phones regularly drop and stay on 3G when roaming in Spain? Friends on EE get 4g on Movistar and Orange constantly. Those of us on SMARTY only get occasional 4G and 3G most of the time.  Speeds are actually ok on...


I'm new too smarty and I don't get how I've used all my GB when I have WiFi and only left the house 3 times please help

Voice mail set up

***All sorted now, worked it out. ***  I didnt realise that when I replaced my vodaphone sim with a Smarty sim the number for voice mail would change. It used to be 121. Is there a Smarty number, and do I have to set up a new greeting etc?  Thank you...

Call connection problem

When I call my wife who is also on SMARTY the call does not connect first time but only when I call back the second time.  I called the support team and they suggested I manually connect to the SMARTY network rather than use automatic.  This seems to...

help with unsecured (but safe) website

Hello, I'm a newcomer to Smarty. My new SIM is fully activated and internetting away quite happily.However, A website I have used a couple of times in the past with no problem appears to be being blocked by Smarty as "unsecured"...The website in ques...

my local Mast location - Conflicting information

Hi everyone.Okay so for a few days now i have been managing with this solo and i have got quite far but now i have run into a little issue that makes no viable sense to me, so i was wondering if this can possibly be cleared up so i know exactly what ...

Text Message Problem

Hi all, Is anyone having issues receiving text messages. ? My partner and I are both on the Smarty network and I'm not receiving messages. I'm using Oppo X5 Find Pro, my partner is on iPhone 13   

I have to mention this

It baffles the atomic and molecular foundation of mind that cellular speeds are still this atrocious ...  Mean really who is deciding the speed it shouldn't even be very complicated honestly... Get your passionate and wanting people and develop the m...

Poor data speed

 NN18 8AG area, 3 network state maintainace work with slow traffic in this area but Smarty say no problem. I have 5g with 2 bars but service drops out along with glitches in connection.  Network connections deleted & re-inputed but problem still pers...

Low data speeds

I joined smarty data only sim in December 22 and had fantastic data speeds of around 20mbs. Over the last 6 weeks the speed has dropped to 2 or 3 mbps. Smarty website states they are working on the mast locally and some reduction in speed expected ( ...

New PAC code entered still hopeless

So cancelled PAC code and got a new one.  Entered old number and PAC code in upper case BUT box STILL says not recognised.  What is going on? Smarty - contact me to sort this out, PLEASE

Resolved! On line live class while in europe

Hi,we are heading to Europe next week & my wife would like to continue an on line class of approx 1 hour each week. We will be away for about 4 weeks. We have an unlimited sim in our HUAWEI mifi  & understand that we are allowed 12gb whilst out of th...

No internet most of the time

Ever since first activating my SIM I struggle with loading even basic text websites. Streaming music, one of my main uses, is impossible. I can often only buffer about 30s of a song before the internet bugs out or fails.Over half the time I have no i...

Resolved! My SMARTY experience so far…

  I joined SMARTY around 7 months ago and I wanted to share my own experience, so that others can hopefully can benefit from what I have learned so far… I live in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and the networks here are generally pretty good on the whole...

Michael_T by SMARTY Teamster
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