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Resolved! [Network Issue] Service Update

We are aware of an issue with our network and our engineers are working to fix this as quickly as possible. This issue could affect data, calls and text services. We are sorry if you've been impacted by this, please check back here for updates.

YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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Resolved! [Network Issues] Service Update

  We are aware that a small number of customers may be experiencing issues with our network this morning. Our engineers are working hard to fix this as soon as possible. We are sorry if you've been impacted by this, please check back here for update...

YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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[UPDATE] Coverage Checker and Network Status Checker

    We have some exciting news for you! SMARTY has gone LIVE with our new and improved Coverage Checker and Network Status Checker.  How Can You Explore the New Coverage Checker? Simply head over to and click on the Coverage Checker Cov...

Featured_Post_Service_Updates@1x.png YulianK_0-1700663541514.png
YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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Unlock phone

My wife has a locked phone on EE. We have a new SIM card but need to unlock her phone, how can we do it?

Can I send text messages from another SIM in the group plan?

I am thinking about setting up another SIM in my group plan.  I want to use it for an LTE backup for my router (in case I disconnect).I use this for business, so it will mainly be used to text me when the router disconnects for whatever reason (curre...

Quin452 by SMARTY Commentator
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3G switch off

Hello,The online SMARTY blog ( about 3G switch off begins:All you need to know about the 3G switch off As part of our mission to give you the best possible network experience, 3G coverage on SMARTY will begin ...

Chalkychap by SMARTY Major Player
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Appalling signal

Just switched to smarty from vodafone and its like going from fibre optic broadband to dial up.Smarty 4g reception is non exiatant and if I turn wifi off I can't even call someone in my back garden.  I have two work phones and three more mobiles in t...

Resolved! VodafoneIT

HelloCan anyone tell me why my Smarty phone showed it was connected to VodafoneIT when I went to Italy? Smarty is not part of Vodafone. Thank you. 

Resolved! iPhone Voicemail function

Hey everyone!I recently signed up to Smarty, all ok so far, however, when I receive a voicemail I get a text message from Smarty informing me there is a voicemail and to call the number in the text to listen to the voicemail. That's all well and good...

Banjo by SMARTY Maverick
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Resolved! Messages on App

I have a current message received from Smarty in the app.  How do I mark it as read or delete it?

Rufus by SMARTY Pioneer
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Tv streaming

My data only sim doesn't work right in my Huawei dongle it buffers constantly however my 02 sim works perfectly any ideas ? Smarty says I have great signal and broadband strength?

Losing add-ins due to Fair Usage rubbish policy

Is there a way round the Fair Usage limitation in France? Smarty are awful to communicate with and I am constantly losing add-ons due to the rubbish fair usage policy in The EU. I havé a SIM in a router and I don’t use it for phone calls.This is a re...

Smarty is succeeding

I'd like to thank Smarty on its current unlimited plan with a month by month plan at a serious affordable low price. I believe that smarty has and is allowing low income people and families to communicate with each other using either phone, Text, vid...

Getting device 5G support added

Just got a Smarty SIM and 5G doesn't work on my Nokia XR20.5G works fine with my 3 SIM and my Vodafone SIM.I know there's a list of devices that are allowed use 5G, but how can I lobby for my device to be added?My Smarty SIM is also allowed use 5G wh...

Can't activate SIM.

Live in the UK.Got activation email. Clicked Activate SIM. Takes me to login page. Never used SMARTY before so don't have any login details and there is no option to sign up. Checked emails and there is no confirmation of any account ever being creat...

Data access in Tonbridge

Is there anybody else in Tonbridge with rubbish data access / connection? I'm sure it used to be OK but now I can no longer get data connection...

LB580 by SMARTY Rookie
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