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[UPDATE] Coverage Checker and Network Status Checker

    We have some exciting news for you! SMARTY has gone LIVE with our new and improved Coverage Checker and Network Status Checker.  How Can You Explore the New Coverage Checker? Simply head over to and click on the Coverage Checker Cov...

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YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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Using my PAC code

Hi so my current plan ends in 9 days and I set it so that SMARTY would transfer my number on the 18th am I still allowed to use that sim till my number is transferred? because they require me to activate the sim by the 13th

B4NK by SMARTY Pioneer
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I have renewed my plan 3 times with confirmed payments and the card is still not activated. There are 3 payments made with the same amount


I have renewed my plan 3 times with confirmed payments and the card is still not activated. There are 3 payments made with the same amount.Thank you

Wifi Preferred Option

Hi! I have a new Fold 4 and noticed a behaviour around wifi calling. I have enabled wifi calling in the menu - when the mobile signal drops to no bars the wifi calling icon appears. When the signal moves to 1 or 2 bars then it turns off. This is an i...

PAC code

I tried to get a new contract and requested a pac code which I gave to them but the contract didn’t go through I’m now worried that my number will change over but if the new contract didn’t go thru will that happen 

poor signal

What do you mean sometimes it works? Is there a scale to times? Every day! every day checking what is going on is giving my post code ME& 5AN ... still the same answer: you are serializing the device / antenna. So I'm asking - do you service the ante...

Add Ons

Purchased £15 add on total waste of money.I was transiting in Dubai to the Philippines I was on the ground for one and a quarter hours sent two WhatsApp messages and according to Smarty utilised 84 MG blowing the £15 pounds the response from customer...

Resolved! 6 digit phone numbers

When I  get a marketing text, it usually comes from a 6 digit number beginning with "6".  To opt out of further marketing, you usually have to reply with the word "STOP" or similar.  However whenever I try, I always get a message send failure.  Is th...


I recently paid £20 for a Data chip but I cannot activate it it . Because I already have a smarty account there is no way to activate it . I have tried everything to activate this Data chip so I can put it in my mobile Mauma Ryoko  . Can you please t...

Friend having trouble with transferring number

Good evening everyone my friend has just got a smarty sim and is wanting to keep her number from her old provider it’s been nearly 4 weeks now and still hasn’t got the transfer over, she is a prime carer and needs a mobile. The thing is is that she c...

No 4g

I've renewed my plan 2 days ago, but can't use any mobile data,  only wifi ?

two sims paid from one account

I pay two  monthly payments from my credit card for my wife and I.  How do I move one of these payments to a separate payment plan whilst retaining both numbers

Activating a new SIM

I have bought a new SIM in a shop for my daughter’s phone. She is under 16 and therefore can’t have her own account. I already have an account but can’t seem to activate her SIM from my account. I am stuck in a loop! Help!!!

Minimum pay point topup

Can any tell me what the minimum amount I can Topup my account using a pay point? I am on a £6 pm plan would i be able to Topup £6 to cover next month or would I need to make a minimum Topup of £10. Thanks in advance. 

Smally by SMARTY Maverick
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