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[UPDATE] Coverage Checker and Network Status Checker

    We have some exciting news for you! SMARTY has gone LIVE with our new and improved Coverage Checker and Network Status Checker.  How Can You Explore the New Coverage Checker? Simply head over to and click on the Coverage Checker Cov...

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YulianK by SMARTY Community Manager
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Not receiving texts/SMS

Hello! I've been facing an issue for some time now and have tried using the "Live chat" support option without success. I'm hoping someone else has encountered a similar problem and might have a solution.The issue: I'm unable to receive any texts/SMS...

Dracuglia by SMARTY Maverick
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Recycled Phone Number

I received my sim and new number from SMARTY last week and I'm assuming it's a number that has been recycled. Since I got it I have received several phone calls and text messages that are presumably meant for whoever had the number before me (things ...

Resolved! Weak Signal Medway ME5

I have had little to no signal since 12pm Monday 18th December 2023. The Network Service Checker is an absolute waste of time as is not updated with any estimated time frames and displays a generic message that upgrades are in progress. Come on Smart...

AFlacky by SMARTY Pioneer
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Closing account problem

Hi there don't know why smarty has  told me that they're closing my account as I haven't logged in for a while when they have automatically took the payment for the service consistentlyFurthermore I am using my number, internet regularly and am shock...


Come on smarty please update your list of 5g compatible phones I'm 100% certain my Nokia g50 works on 5g I've put a Three Giffgaff and O2 SIM in it and they handle 5g without any problems where available ,the phone is dual SIM and I have shared scree...

Wifi calling suddenly stopped working on my Iphone 6plus

Been using Wi-Fi calling on my iPhone 6 plus for a year - no issues. Suddenly it stopped working - phone shows "no service".Nothing has changed - it happened out of the blue. Tried 2 different Smarty SIM cards and neither work.Both work in another ph...

Resolved! Unpause plan, how long before reactivated?

Hello,I've paused my plan while I'm out of the UK for a few weeks. When I return and renew the plan, how long typically does it take to become active? Is it instant, a matter of hours, a day?Thanks!

Resolved! Not receiving 2FA texts after porting

Hello! 2 weeks ago I have decided to give SMARTY a try and ported my old phone number from Vectone. Since then I can only make and receive phone calls, but can't send or receive SMS text messages. After trying all the guides I could find on the websi...

xYorYx by SMARTY Maverick
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Partial port, No 2FA no inbound calls or text

I cant access my bank account, the NHS cant contact me for appointments, I've missed a planned eye test and telephone appointments. My 75 year old mother cant call if she needs me, My children cant contact me if they are in trouble, im very distresse...

Resolved! My number changed even after opting to keep my old?

Hi, I just switched to Smarty, when signing up, I selected to keep my old number (for business and personal contacts) but now that I got the SIM activation email, they are telling me I have a new number. Is there anyway to reverse this?Thank you