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UK government emergency alert

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I didn't get any alert today. I've got an S10 with OS 12 for Android. I've got the Emergency Alert Notification switched on in settings so i don't know why I and the rest of my family who also use Smarty, didn't get anything. I was disappointed I didn't recieve a message but also worried for if there is an actual Emergency, I won't know unless other people from other networks inform me.


SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

Hi all,

Following the emergency alerts test on Sunday, we’ve been working with the government and have identified a technical issue that meant some of our customers didn’t receive the alert. This morning (24th of April) our engineers deployed a fix meaning there will be no issue with future alerts.

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I have an iPhone 6s Plus and did not receive the alert. I was on 4g at the time. Any idea why?

I guess the initial TEST didn't work as expected for all networks and handsets. 
Probably be another test in due course, once the relevant parties have figured out why the initial test didn't go according to plan.


Hi if u haven't got them switched on in ur settings then u wont receive any emergency service alerts that's all hope this helps 

SMARTY Enquirer
SMARTY Enquirer

Neither myself or my husband got one and we are on smarty. 

All it is that u need to go to ur settings to turn ur emergency services alerts on thats all as me and my partner got them and we are on both different network s hope this helps 

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Will I be able to use all of my phone’s features and services if I do not acknowledge the scheduled emergency alert from the government on 23rd April? Apparently, people receiving the notification MUST accept the download before using their phone’s other features (like calls, texts Etc.). 

Personally, I’m not comfortable with the government loading software on my phone and choosing whether I’m able to make calls or not based on my compliance to receive notifications about high winds or flooding.

SMARTY Major Player
SMARTY Major Player

I guess there's always the online option for current information about flooding and high-winds. I believe the Met Office, and Environment Agency, have online alerts.

SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

You can turn them off on a iPhone. Go to Settings > Notifications and scroll down to the very bottom of the list.

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Well let's look at some logical points shall we?

There is no way the gov can possibly have software patches for every type of device and OS  and frankly I'm worried that scammers are going to use scare tactics like this to get malware and so on to peoples devices. Please do NOT download everything. What they mean by MUST ACCEPT is because it's an EMERGENCY alert you must just respond to it on your device. As in dismiss. this isn't gov spying this is to stop you letting that beatboxing cat on tiktok pop up and you don't see the flood alert etc.


The emergency system is used a lot in the USA and iphones and android support those notifications natively. You might get a surprise if you go on holiday and there is a warning. And if you're there the same thing happens. Just acknowledge it which doesn't send or download anything.


Please do NOT download ANYTHING. This is ripe for fraud at the moment.

If your phone is from the dark ages then it simply won't get the alert.


SMARTY Major Player
SMARTY Major Player

Yes @Mhisani, scammers could use this as an opportunity to trick people. As you say, there is no need to download anything. 

Most modern mobile handsets have been designed to receive an emergency alert via a cell broadcast, without needing to download or patch anything on the handset. I guess older handsets won't receive the alert.

These emergency alert messages are just mobile network cell broadcast messages, which are limited to maximum of 1395 characters. A cell broadcast is basically a special type of SMS message. 



I'm aware. Please read the original posters statement saying

" MUST accept the download"


In my post you can see I am making sure they do not download anything, also showing how this system is already used for example in the US. However I can see fraudsters sending out SMS's saying you must accept X download. It could happen and so I advised the user not to download any software since it is not needed.

Therefore I am not _too_ sure why you're asking me this?

SMARTY Major Player
SMARTY Major Player

Sorry for any confusion here @Mhisani - hadn't intended to ask anything.
Just trying to reiterate your point about this emergency alert test being a scamming opportunity. 

As you've clearly stated - don't download anything. 

I personally will not be opening there text, this is just another attempt at corrupt governments trying to snoop on all our devices, I would also like to make it clear if SMARTY decide to allow my phone to be blocked for any length of time for not replying I will not pay them one more penny, this is just the start of the governments agenda to control us all, we need to stand together and say enough is enough, no more governments fear tactics to push there corrupt agendas.

Let's keep this simple. It's a broadcast. It goes out to every phone. Like a text. You dismiss it. It's gone. That's it. It doesn't reply, nothing. No data is sent back. It does not block your device in any way. It just asks you to dismiss it rather than just switching away. If your device supports it you can even turn off recieving them but regardless it goes out to all phones on the net regardless if you see it or not.  I totally get your concern about privacy these days but this isn't quite what you're alluding to.

Useful link - thank you. Came across it whilst searching to see if a problem I perceive may be real.  I have a Smarty SIM specifically for use with an iPad.  It was obtained before Smarty made Data Only SIMs available and although it serves Voice, Texts and Data, only Data is functional on my iPad.  I can’t therefore acknowledge the alarm and am concerned that my data functionality will be impaired by failure to acknowledge it.  
Should I be concerned?

Apparently it's a problem with the Three network. Loads of people saying online they never received the alert. Myself included.


Snatch defeat from the jaws of victory! Wouldn't give it too much thought @HCarterSmith .. can't imagine it will deliver much of anything useful. Definitely not via Three is just the icing on the cake.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I did not receive the alert.  I was using wifi calling at the time.  Would this have made any difference?

Ha ha. So the emergency alert didn't work on the three network.


I have 2 phones on the Three (Smarty) network. Both are iPhones, both have have the most up to date OS, both were on, both have 5G capability, both have alerts enabled, both had good 4G reception. Neither received the test alert. 
How will I know wether I will receive real alerts in the future?

Likewise - I have a Samsung Galaxy S23+ all alert settings are on, good cell signal, good WiFi signal, but no emergency alert.

I saw in the news that many Three users didn't get the alert.

Hi I never received the alert but my partner and son did but they are with a different network is there a problem with smarty

No, I got the alert. You must have been classed as expendable by the government. 👀

I didn't get it - turned it off in settings - on holiday + in a bad reception area anyhow - so to get a msg. telling me you're about to die and possibly survive and live in hell thereafter if you survive after a wonderful msg. is a total joke, may be radical viewpoint;  just no... 

Did anyone else not get the alert today even with it enabled ?

I didn't get it.

I did not receive a government alert on my Samsung S21 plus even though it has been enabled on my phone and my phone has been updated. I am on Smarty network please advise. 

So I've read no one on 3 or Smarty received the alert .

So I guess you can spot the Smarty and 3 users - they're the ones without the tinfoil hats. Sounds like the hype was just that.

I did, my wife did, my three sons did. 👍🏻

I didn't receive it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 on Smarty, but did on my Samsung Galaxy A33 5g with no SIM card in it. Both up to date and enabled...


I didn't get the emergency alert. I have a pixel 6a pro with emergency alerts enabled.

Did anyone else not get it? My phone was on. My wife got an alert but she's on EE. 


Hi, my daughter and I didn't get it either. I've got an Android and she's got an iPhone. Both phones have alerted turned on too. 😢

Hi, my daughter and I didn't get it either. I have an Android and she's got an iPhone. Both phones have alerts turned on. 😢

I didn’t receive the alert, and my work phone on O2 didn’t either!  My folks are on Vodafone didn’t get the alert either…so it makes me think it’s possibly a problem with certain areas not receiving, rather than the network

I didn’t get the alert, nor did my partner.

we are both on iPhone

No, three of us with iPhones on Smarty, a Samsung on giffgaff and and iPad on giffgaff. None received the alert.