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MMS service and user safety.

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

I think I would like to request smarty addressing the issue where sending images via MMS is concerned is too small.  300Kbs is not enough when other networks allow 3meg upto 10meg per file.  I use the emergency service on my phone for safety and it automatically takes pictures from the front and back camera and 5 seconds of voice as well as GPS location to 3 people in my contacts.  When I activate this service nothing gets sent as the file sizes are over 300Kbs, I have even told the phone to compress and make the images smaller but still won't work.

Some people will say to use WhatsApp etc, but not all contacts use WhatsApp.  And when it comes to MMS this service is a reliable standard service throughout the world and we don't need to worry about who is using what app to receive files etc 

So, this is important, specially for the elderly and vulnerable people in society who use this service that comes with Samsung phones.

Can we see to it that smarty increases their file sizes please to allow this service to work efficiently and effectively.

Many thanks.



SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

All UK and Irish operators support MMS of up to 300 KB only.

My mistake the service allows larger file sizes to be sent, but restricted by the carrier.