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Cannot text BT faults on 61998 when on wifi calling

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Hi, Had an issue with my BT broadband, i have no network coverage at my house, so use Wifi calling, which works perfectly for voice calls and texts to mobiles BUT if it try texting BT on 61998, i get message fail, i can receive texts from this number.....  if i'm on a normal 3/4G network ie not on wifi calling, text goes through fine.

I tried another handset, still doesn't work.

any ideas?


SMARTY Superhero
SMARTY Superhero

@Gasgas2_1119700 Unless I am mistaken, that is what is known as a 'short-code number'. Currently Smarty does not support sending messages to them (except a few rare cases)

Yes this is what i ve read but i had a fault with BT last October, drove to get signal and texted them.... i'm going to try that again to be 100% sure.

WiFi Calling wouldn't prevent sending to a short-code, @Gasgas2_1119700. You can easily test this yourself by sending "INFO" to the short-code 85075, while using WiFi Calling.

The issue with SMARTY is that currently they don't generally support short-codes for sending an SMS to a recipient. 

Unfortunately, this is an instance of LESS SMARTY, MORE malarkey.