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[Open Discussion] What are your predictions for Apple's latest iPhone?

  It’s already come round to that time of the year when the new iPhone is expected to launch in September.  As always the rumours suggest that it will have a bigger display, a faster processor, a better camera and a longer battery life. Do you think...

Anny by Team SMARTY
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The Athletic - Be careful about subscribing long term

As a long time subscriber to “The Athletic”, the sports News website and app, I found out yesterday that the company, bought by the New York Times a while ago, has laid off some staff writers. If anyone subscribes to “The Athletic” and their subscrip...

JJP2 by SMARTY Pro-coach
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Travel eSIMs - Red Bull Mobile enter the market

 Apparently offering the service they arrange for their athletes to the general public. *Other destinations besides Turkey are of course available. 

JJP2 by SMARTY Pro-coach
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iPhone 15 series - eSIM only in Europe ?

Interesting if this turns out to be true…Would force all networks to adopt eSIM.I do wonder if conversely, it would drive up sales of Android phones, with some people (even networks ?) reluctant to use / trust eSIM.

JJP2 by SMARTY Pro-coach
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[Open Discussion] Console Wars: Xbox vs PlayStation

So the big question is – Xbox or PlayStation and WHY?   There is a lot to consider when choosing the right console, the value for money, the exclusive games, the graphics, the performance, GamePass/PS Plus and even the apps available on both console...

JodieC by SMARTY Moderator
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In porting

Hello, I was informed my phone would be sorted by the end of yesterday. I am still unable to receive some calls, the most important being my calls from my mental health provider. I have joined the dashboard and can see I am not alone. I will be takin...

[Open Discussion] What are some mobile apps you can't live without?

I'm new to the forums and thought I'd start my own open discussion to get a feel for the atmosphere here, huge fan of forums so here goes!What are some mobile apps you can't live without?I persinally daily drive Android, so my list might not all appl...

LKD70 by SMARTY Maverick
  • 7 replies
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[Open Discussion] iPhone vs Android: Which do you use and why?

It’s the biggest question of the 21st century... Which do you prefer, Android or iPhone?  I’m NOT trying to insight all out warfare. I'm just interested in what everyone thinks. I’m team iPhone all the way. Why, you ask?  I use a MacBook  Even if I a...

George by SMARTY Moderator
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