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Using a SMARTY SIM for home broadband. Can't log in to my Three account on any device when connected

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I use a SMARTY data only SIM card in a wireless router to give me my home broadband and wifi connection.

It all works brilliantly except for one thing:  One of my mobile phones is on Three (pay as you go).

I have realised that when my laptop, phone, or any device at all is connected to my SMARTY internet connection, I simply CAN NOT log in to my Three account!

This caused weeks of grief, as I am going abroad shortly and needed to top-up my Three SIM card.

After a long conversation with Three help chat, we figured out that the problem is I can't log in to my Three account if the device I am using is online using my SMARTY connection.  In the end I had to hot-spot a connection using my daughter's GiffGaff phone, at which point I could log in to my Three account with no problems whatsoever.

Does anybody have any idea why this is a problem?  It's seems doubly strange, given that SMARTY run on Three.

Now when I need to top up my Three phone if I've completely run out of data, I need to connect to the internet using another source. Any source but SMARTY as far as I can tell!  Hope somebody can clear this up and perhaos offer a fix for this issue.  Many thanks.  


SMARTY Commentator
SMARTY Commentator

So.. when you say you can't log in to your Three account, is this using the app (presumably the Three Pay As You Go app?) or the website, or both? What exactly happens?

Edit: I see you say it happens on any device, so presumably both app and website.

We always had to use the phone data to log on to 3. Never able to log in via the internet 

Will not let me log to the router internet

@MartinB_2543844 Have you changed the APn to ? You can access the router page usually by typing into the browser url bar

SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

Hi @AndrewB_2127868 - I'm sorry to hear you're unable to access your Three account via your SMARTY SIM. I'm not sure what the cause of this might be and you may need to get in touch with our customer support team directly so they can investigate fully for you but you might want to try enabling the adult content filter in your SMARTY account. It may just be that the website needs full access enabled in order for you to access it. Again, not guaranteeing this will work but it's worth a try.

If this fails then I would recommend getting in touch with customer support directly so they can take a proper look

SMARTY Commentator
SMARTY Commentator

Have you tried a free VPN connection?