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Smarty has taken £302 of my credit and closed account without warning

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

As  title says my account has £302 of credit on I built up but it has been left while I used up credit on my second (group account) however without warning Smarty closed the account, they claim I was warned however if that was the case I'd have reopened it for a month to keep it active yet because I had no warning they closed it have stolen my credit

I did in fact ask them to transfer my credit to my other Group account yet they refused this.

Screenshot is proof of them admitting to stealing my credit which will be used with coming legal action




@Shipoftheline This is indeed unfortunate, but it is in line with published T&C's.

I'm not sure why you had built up £302 on an inactive account - and it's none of my business, but Smarty were unlikely to transfer it to another account. As their email states, you get 40 days' notice - usually once an account has been inactive for 180 days.

I hardly think that they are criminals as you say. Possibly best not to make such an accusation on a public forum.

I built it up by referring people which was a mistake now looking back after the way Smarty treated me & I wasn't just asking that I would have opened this again if I'd been warned, I was using credit on another Smarty account I have first before they stole the £302.


Anyway thanks for getting involved with something absolutely nothing to do with you

Posting in the SMARTY community is usually an invitation for community members to become involved in the topic @Defiant1337

SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

Hey @Shipoftheline 

Thank you for sharing this comment.

I understand and empathise with the statement you have shared. In regard to your comments, I would like to share the following terms and conditions statements.

In section 9.4 (b) of our terms & conditions, where it is very clearly stated that if there is no payment or usage within a 6-month period, we reserve the right to close an account and any credit remaining at the time of closure is forfeited.

Section 9.4 (b) of our terms & conditions ( state the following;

''For non-use or non-payment of your service. We will terminate your service if you have not purchased a plan, within the preceding 6-month period or your account has been suspended for at least 6 months. We will contact you 40 days before we disconnect, where you’ll have the opportunity to keep your account live by purchasing a new plan. We Disconnect you for non-use of service as set out in this section any unused credits or allowances on Add-ons remaining on your account on Disconnection will be forfeited.''

This information is available for our customers to view at all times and is agreed upon when purchasing your SIM plan.

And therefore you should have emailed me however you only done this after you closed it otherwise I'd have opened it for a month