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Appalling experience with Smarty

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

I have a group plan, been paying my lads SIM for months, he has never once received mobile data.


Only today did my daughters SIM register. Again no mobile data despite being paid.


That's four Sims being paid for with only two working, and another was supposed to be getting added.

To add insult I was trying to remove my own account restrictions where they demand a refundable £1 payment. Four attempts where my bank states authorised, payment is taken, Smarty says it didn't work, try a different card, again authorised, payment taken, but app claims it didn't work. Despite all accounts showing Smarty took the funds.


Why the hell does the adult who opens an account that requires verification and a direct debit have to then pay to verify and unlock their own content restrictions on an account that requires me to be over 18. 




Hello @StevenM_1697381 . Firstly, I do think that the app is not as good as the website for doing important admin activity.

If mobile data doesn't work, have you checked the settings on the phones? if not, then the account holder needs to web chat with Support Team. Same applies to the £1 sums if they have not been refunded.

A little difficult as I am usually out from 7am and not usually back until after 7pm with work commitments.

Managed to get my daughters phone working.

My older lads phone still isnt responding, It's a Sony Experia as is his sister and mothers, both with working Smarty Sims.

My younger lads SIM cant be activated as its a bonus sim and needs an account, talk about a poor company, have you seen this


I have been trying to sort this with email, the guy on the other end is as useless as a chocolate watch in a sauna, no reply to the unrefunded £1 payments, when stating my lad within my group with an activated SIM is not getting data he sends a link on how to add him to my group, when I mention my other lads sim won't register as it needs him to create an account which makes having bonus sims useless, he says I should use my primary sim.


This is one headache of a company, 4 sims in a group plan, failing to add a 5th due to a know bug with bonus sims, a lad locked out of verifications after believing his bonus sim would activate and submitting that number on web forms, one lad despite me paying for months never getting data, and multiple payments taken from my card in a verification process that takes money, fails to recognise I am an adult, them keeps the money.


Why as an adult creating an account do I need to pay to prove I am an adult?

Why continually take £1 payments and not allow me to change my restrictions?

Why give out Bonus Sims that family and friends cannot actually use as they require registering which bonus Sims won't allow.



Why make it so difficult, I mean you would thiink Smarty was developed by children its such a farce.


I created an account, I created a group for my family, I pay for these SIMs with a direct debit via the same bank that teh card I used belongs to, I have to be an adult to create the account.


YET YOU STEAL money from my bank cards via £1 deposits you take and won't refund due to some moronic dumb as hell system you put in place so adults creating acounts need to prove they are adults.


Do the community a favour and get SMARTY to get genuine staff in here answering this crap, stop forcing people with busy lifes to bend over **bleep** chat apps that are inconvenient due to SMARTY running a cowboy show.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

only wanted to clarify my account was active……..1:45 mins later, still no reply. luckily only paying monthly so will cancel 


@KevBee_2014595  The simplest way is to sign into the account - it will show an active sim and details of the plan.

Thanks - after 1:45 mins another rep suddenly messaged and answered my questions within two minutes 🤷‍♂️