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[Main Thread] Premium rate / short code text messages

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Hi I gather from a few other posts that these are not possible at the moment!

I found this in some information blurb from SMARTY - 

At some point you'll be able to send other kinds of messages which will be chargeable. This will include premium-rate texts and short-codes, which are used for entering competitions, buying ringtones and voting on reality TV shows, and paying for parking."

As other people say they don't indicate when this will be available! I agree with the others that it should be no problem with a decent quality service! 

I too, like some other people may well be switching to another provider which doesn't have this problem! 


SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

Hey, @PeterWh_1550878 

We understand how this service is becoming more popular with our customers and have already been feeding back. This is something we are still looking into, hopefully, this is available for you soon.

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Here is an article from Smarty:

They don't give a date when it will become available unfortunately.

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 @Totally agree

“Actively” looking into? 10 weeks later and still no sign of a solution. I don’t have the followers, but it seems like an issue that could easily escalate into a social media campaign 

@Michael_1932266  I think that has been the situation for at least one year now!

I hope you have read all the response to you reply.

If it's a feature you are still unable to off in your service. I will be leaving your provider next month. It is a service feature that I need. Communication 'via alternative contact methods' is not a viable option.  It is ridiculously time consuming. 

Sadly I will be switching to another provider. A real shame because apart from this Smarty is great

Alternative numbers are rarely readily available when you are trying to respond to some of these calls . I have been extremely distressed when trying to contact health providers for loved ones. Really no excuse, from the thread you’ve been ‘considering introducing ‘ this for months,  I’ve already moved my elderly parents and in-laws on to alternative plans. I need to vote with my feet too

This is truly appalling - my bank, internet provider etc all user short code texts for customer service. It's a basic part of how phones work. Please fix asap!

Hope the Moderator sees this post. Smarty is severely lacking in not enabling Short Codes. Banks are now requiring answers to Short Code numbers during their security checks. Mobile banking is very popular so Smarty needs to be a bit Smarter!

@PhilipM_1686774  Moderators do regularly see the posts, but unfortunately they are not the decision makers it seems!

In that case I'll be leaving ASAP as I consider this too restrictive... bye!! 

@GaryWhi_1959451  Poor old George can only pass on your comments, but there's not a lot he can do about the situation directly.

Define soon!

@Michael_1932266  Probably just a tad longer (flexibly) than whatever time you mention 🤔

This also includes responding to texts from my bank fraud team to find out if a purchase was made by me or not so its actually quite important that this happens as soon as possible.

About time this was sorted out. Lots of instances where short code messages are required & being unable to send mms to these is unacceptable. We need a confirmed date when it will be available & not just "at some point in time". Or customers will just switch providers very quickly.


@angelam65 We must assume that their is a cost involved in adopting the short code sms system. I think that the accountants in charge will balance off the number of customers who join for the good value and who are not bothered by short-code texts against the number that leave. Only if losses mount up will they reconsider.

Has there been any updates on the issue of using short codes. I have just been unable to respond to a short code for the bank for the credit card on which there was a fraudulent transaction.

@PerryNe_2400000 No, there have be3en no updates recently in the forum.

I think that Smarty will be shouting it loud from the rooftops when and if they introduce it.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Hey, this post was over a year ago and SMARTY still not offering short codes… what is the issue in offering it, exactly? 

@GT132  We are community member like you - Smarty do not share that kind of info with us.

So why can I still not do this? 

@HelenJa_2680215 The answer is as I have stated on the thread you started elsewhere.

Can't enter the Soccer Aid comp. 😞

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I too have just joined Smarty & topped up to use premium rate numbers & texts. Not allowing? Trying to enter a competition text to win?

I'm not sure premium rate text messages are mentioned anywhere on the website, or app @KatieWi_1905420, in the top-up (add-on) pages.

Anyway, SMARTY Mobile don't support sending messages to short-code numbers @KatieWi_1905420, so this excludes you from many premium rate text message services.

Unfortunately, if you want to text premium rate short-codes, you'll need to switch to another service provider @KatieWi_1905420 🙁

"Unfortunately, if you want to text premium rate short-codes, you'll need to switch to another service provider" is not really the right answer. Smarty have promised Short Codes for long enough now, surely it's time to implement this feature. Three are offering similar tariffs at the moment and include this feature. As you do sit on Three, is difficult to understand why it isn't implemented. Maybe time for an alternative after all.

Completely agree.

I am a very happy Smarty customer, but they have been promising short codes to come now for well over a year. The promise was on the official site FAQs and has now "mysteriously disappeared". I work on London Underground, and the BTP short code number, 61016,  is NOT premium, it's an essential service that is advertised widely on EVERY station and in the "See it say it sort it" message on ALL the rail services in the UK. It is the best way of getting any message to the BTP, for example if a sexual assault has occured, it is a way to discreetly report it, without having to speak and get upset, especially if you're still in the presence of the person who's doing it. I have witnessed many occasions when BTP respond very quickly to these messages, directly to the phone number they're sent from, or turning up at the station before the customer has even arrived there.

Yet this service cannot be used by Smarty customers.

Similarly, British Gas and other utilities have FREE short codes to enable you to report gas and water leaks. Or submit meter readings.

It's simply wrong to not have these services available. In the event of BTP this is an essential service that cannot be used.

Get with the program Smarty and fulfill your promise. I personally don't care about the premium TV voting numbers and competition lines, but at the very least you should give access to potentially life saving numbers that are free or very cheap to acces. Like:-

@PaulBurl_304739  I think you make a very good point here.

I must admit that I have never thought of short code texts for that kind of usage, but it does appear to be essential. Why not raise this as a formal complaint with Smarty so that it can be progressed up the 'food chain'?

I have contacted BTP to ask why they charge for 61016 but they have not replied. Sadly 61016 is flawed because even if short codes work on a carrier's package, if you pay a fixed fee per month and don't have credit for out of package calls and texts you can't message 61016. It would help if they at least published a regular mobile number that could be used instead.

6 months on from this post and still Smarty continue to promise “we’re looking at this.” In the meantime I’ve been unable to reply to doctors messages  about flu jabs and other important issues, and spent hours in the phone to them instead. Been unable to respond to unsubscribe to marketing messages from British Gas, using the simple STOP message.

Frankly, this is piss poor. I think maybe we should protest by starting a thousand new threads asking for it, instead of all replying on one thread. Then the strength of feeling will be clear for existing and new members considering joining Smarty just from looking at the forum. 

Joined smarty two weeks ago (4 sims for the family) Will be going elsewhere when my month is up, it is utterly obsurb your can't txt short code sms (even free ones and for vital services etc)

@Storm123  If short code text service is an important feature for you then you are certainly right in leaving to find a network that supports it.

As I have written before, if the accountants at Smarty lose enough business, theoretically there will come a point where any cost of allowing short code sms will be worth it.

Then take it up with Smarty - This is the Smarty community forum, we are mere customers, we do not work for Smarty, so can’t influence policy. 

Not just “premium” rate short codes, free short codes are also deliberately blocked. Since short codes are supported as a matter of course by other providers and Smarty allows out of plan add ons, blocking short codes must be deliberate 

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Why can I not respond by text (with a score between 1 and 10) to a text from British Gas asking about level of service?

I'm guessing that the reply will be to  a premium rate eg chargeable text 


I am unable to send texts for radio/tv competitions

There is a setting in Android, assuming you use Android that turns premium messaging on or off. Something in the back of my mind tells me there could be a setting in Smarty so its worth investing there also.

I have spotted in the app under the heading, add-ons where you can add credit to your account specifically for premium calls. I guess this is what you use for both calls or texts to competition lines, register votes for shows like Strictly Come Dancing, numbers like 0845 & 0870 plus other things. It also suggests this credit pretty much stays with you until you finish it up. You can add £5, £10 or £15 to your account.

Please could Smarty admin confirm that what I have said is correct?

I have added £5 on add-on but still can't text competitions, SMARTY you really do need to sort this out and not keep promising it's coming soon.........

Hey, if you have the out of plan add-on you will be able to call premium rate numbers not not text shot-codes. It is something we are aware  banks use so it is something we are looking into.