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SMARTY Community Manager SMARTY Community Manager
SMARTY Community Manager
Status: New


At SMARTY, we're all about giving you the best value possible. We’re always on the lookout for ways to give you more for your money. 

We'd love to hear your thoughts on extra things you’d like to see in our plans. Perks, savings on other brands - we’re keen to hear what matters to you most!

SMARTY Enquirer
SMARTY Enquirer

global roaming and say £2 a day charge to access uk mins texts data with a 12gb limit that would be nice

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Having come from another similar similar network (I don't know if mentioning other network names is allowed, so I'll refer to it as "the other network"), I was given monthly discounts and freebies. I do miss those, but the Smarty promotion I am currently on is 47.5% cheaper! Considering the other networks' offerings, I would love to see Smarty offer a loyalty rewards scheme. It would include things like...

- Monthly (or more frequently!) freebies and discounts. Think things like free ice cream from a supermarket, discounted Vue or Odeon cinema tickets

The option to exchange the available at the time reward for the value of the reward would be a nice unique option. For example, the reward is a £2 gift card for free ice cream at a supermarket. You could instead get a £2 Smarty account credit or 2GB of data (both with a value of £2) - this would still be available if all rewards have been claimed. This way, no one misses out and if the reward is not something you fancy, you still get a nice extra... and something the other network doesn't offer!

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

I would like to add a new comment with some more ideas

💸 More conversions! - I love how cheap Smarty's add-ons are! I like how you can convert out of plan add-ons to account balance. I think you should be able to convert data add-ons to account balance as well, and the rate would be the same as it is for those on data discount plans... Smarty would still calculate your unused data in MBs, not GBs, so you'll get exactly what’s due when converting data add-ons to account balance. This would only work with purchased add-ons, not inclusive data allowance

Why would this be beneficial?:

1 - A customer may have purchased data add-ons to keep them going for a day or so, before their allowance refreshes

2 - A customer may decide a different add-on like UK Unlimited Data Pass would work better

3 - A customer may have changed their plan to unlimited, making previously purchased data add-ons pointless. The converted balance could go towards their plan renewal instead

🎂 Happy Birthday! - If a customer has given their date of birth on sign up or through account settings, they can choose one add-on for free during their Birthday month. The available add-ons would be of the same value. For example:

"Happy Birthday from Smarty! We're treating you to any add-on up to the value of £5! Here's what you can get: 5GB Data add-on, 3 days unlimited UK data pass, and more - visit the Smarty app or your Smarty web dashboard to claim"

🎁 🤝 Helping Hand! - For customers using the Smarty Group Plan feature, gifting data to another member of the group could be a feature. Of course, the data would come from the person gifting it. Let's say for example Andy has 100GB and gifts 10GB to Bob who has 0GB left... Andy now has 90GB and Bob is a happy chap with 10GB data

I hope these ideas help Smarty become an even better network!

Edit - I have another idea. I figured it would be best to add it to this comment instead of create multiple new comments. Data rollover would be a nice feature, and especially helpful to those on lower data allowance plans who don't use all of their data monthly (but would still apply to all plans, of course apart from unlimited data plans)


I’d like to see eSIM for one. 😉

But more importantly, if you have an unlimited data plan or a decent amount of data, maybe the option to share that eSIM to an additional phone or an Apple Watch, etc. 

I don’t understand why companies charge you to use the same plan on an Apple Watch / Android smartwatch. Smarty could be the game changer and make the same number and data plan available at no additional charge for smart watch users. 

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Another vote for eSim here. 

Also short code messages.