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Personal Information


I realise that the first post in the "Welcome" section of the forum explains that members should not post any personal information.

Despite that, recently we seem to have seen quite a number of people doing exactly that - PAC codes (why don't we just call them PAC???), telephone numbers etc.

I suspect from the tone of a number of first posts in threads that new members think that they are writing ng directly to Smarty Staff. This is unfortunate because it is frustrating for the person with the problem to be told that they won't get a direct answer as members cannot access that person's account.

I wonder if it wouldn't be a useful measure to highlight the warning again about personal information just before the point where you name your conversation.

Anyway...just sayin' !!


SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

It won't make any difference, such individuals are usually lazy and don't read, research or use the search feature of the community forum. Some people spend more time creating an account, writing a post and then wait hours for a reply when all they had to do was read the T&C of the promotion and they would have had their answer within 30 seconds or less.

@WelshPaul  - and I thought that I was a pessimist !!😎

Not saying that you are wrong, but I wonder if it would be read by at least a few of those who post their own details.