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No network with new SIM

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I have recently ported over my number to smarty. I have inserted the new SIM into my iPhone but there is absolutely no signal or data. I have tried the same in an Android phone and have the same problem. There is nothing wrong with the network as my other phone that's on smarty is working. Does anyone know what might be the problem and why my new SIM isn't working. There is no activation button on the smarty app and it showing that I am a member and has all my correct details on so I'm assuming everything is set up right there end


SMARTY Pro-coach
SMARTY Pro-coach

Check your dashboard - Have you bought a plan and activated your new SIM card ?

Have you received the text message and email from Smarty to confirm that the porting of your number has been successful ?

If you have, contact Smarty staff via webchat, so that they csn look into your issue (This community forum is populated bty Smarty customers)

Yes done all of the above and still nothing. I have another phone O ported over to Smarty so have done it before. 

@SHARONF_2109577 I suppose one strong possibility is that the sim is a duff one.

Why not order a replacement sim? True, you won't have any service until it arrives, but then you haven't got service now anyway so nothing ventured, nothing gained.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Same problem I am facing 

Sounds like your SIM could be inactive, @OnkarSi_2525823
Perhaps best to contact SMARTY using their online web chat and get an advisor to investigate your issue. 

This community forum is used by SMARTY customers, not SMARTY customer support. Forum members can't look customer accounts.