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Incoming calls end after 2 mins 5 secs

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I have a recurring issue with incoming calls ending at exactly 2 mins 5 secs. Its repeatable until I place an outgoing call, which works as expected, after placing an outgoing call usually incoming calls will work for a few hours before the issue reoccurs.

When the call ends, the phone does not report the call has ended, it just returns to the home screen. The phone placing the outgoing call (tested from Vodafone and O2 gets a 'Call Ended' message).

I've tested my SIM on two phones (Motorola Edge 40 Neo, Moto G14), and found that the issue occurs on both, and once it starts it repeats until I either restart the phone, or place an outgoing call.

Any ideas on what the cause could be?

I couldn't find any posts of the same issue on the Smarty forum, but could find the exact same issue reported by an ID Mobile customer (ID Mobile being a Three MVNO the same as Smarty) here: