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Connection issues while full signal

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

For background, i uses an android phone with smarty sim service.

Weirdly, sometimes i will have full signal but the data seems not delivering for a few minutes.

I have a app that do the IT stuff for me. The connection strength is -105dB. Which is super good in my **bleep**. And the mobile network shows it is connected to some as default gateway.

Anyone got idea why the connection have such an issue?



SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator


A signal strength of -105dB may be good for you, but for most it's average, but should be good enough to do most things needed, especially in 4 or 5G areas, only large data downloads such as streaming movie, or gaming would need better.

The only things that might have an effect on download speeds might be either weather, especially lightening, or the system might be getting busy, slowing connection speeds down.

What IT "stuff" are you using? As this might also be having an effect on download speeds.

SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

Agree with @Strandloper, -105dB is borderline Ok/Low signal strength (that's about ~47% signal from the mast you're connected to according to Mastdata). But I wonder if this is happening due to congestion/ distance from the mast? Certainly, I have noticed that when I'm in areas with loads of people/crowds and buildings, this 'concoction' has an impact on the throughput (very slow) yet the connection to the mast itself is absolutely fine and would appear to be "strong" (signal bars rarely tell the full picture on their own anyways)

Is this happening in any particular area/locations, and do you see this happening in other places you visit? Might rule out what I suggested above.