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[Open Discussion] What’s a life hack you use that really cuts through the malarkey?

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SMARTY Moderator

It’s always a great feeling when you discover a new way of doing something that makes it so much easier, or better yet, when you learn something entirely new that only takes a small effort but can make a huge difference to your everyday life. 

With our new promotional campaign focusing on the theme of “less malarkey”, we thought it would be great to hear the life hacks that help you to cut through the malarkey of everyday life and keep things simple! 

I saw one suggestion online recently that I’m thinking I might give a try. I’ve recently been thinking of buying a dashcam, given I live in a busy town center with lots of areas that can be difficult to get around. The cheapest I’ve seen online have been around £35. However, the suggested life hack I’d recently seen was to use an old phone instead. 

I bought a new phone last year and since then, as many old phones do, mine has been kept away in a drawer most of the time. It’s a mid range phone from 2018 and its battery has declined quite a lot over the years, so I’ve been unsure about giving it away or selling it - but now I know of another option. 

I have a car charger and USB cable that should solve the battery problem. Given all my pictures and videos on the device are automatically uploaded to Google Photos, storage won’t be an issue either. Plus, the camera is still more than good enough – so all I need is a phone holder. I’ve seen these can be bought for around £10, so using my old phone instead of buying a dashcam could also save me a nice £25. 

It's a simple idea, but could provide an effective solution to a couple of problems. With that being said, what are your go-to life hacks that are simple to do but give big benefits? 


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SMARTY Moderator

Love a life hack!

I always have leftover Pizza, revive l it with a mug of water. Microwave it with a glass of water next to it for about 45 seconds and your sorted! Game changer and delicious 😋

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

My life hack would be instead of taking a chance on small companies you've never heard of, instead go to the larger providers like Tesco Mobile or Vodaphone who have excellent customer service and can resolve your problems quickly.

Tesco Mobile might provide excellent customer service, but don't have a Wi-Fi Calling service on any of their plans.

I've only ever heard people complain about Vodafone's customer service - guess you got lucky with Vodafone @DavidSt_1893347.

They do have WiFi calling they rolled it out,my wife has it on her Tesco mobile account.

Thanks for the update @MikeElm_1896465 - at the time of writing, it looks like you now get WiFi Calling with their pay monthly plans, but not their PAYG plans.  

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Baby oil

it cleans almost everything off your hands - including tar!- and other objects 

leaving a nice soft skin