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Why is my plan being renewed when auto-renew is DISABLED?

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

So I've just gone to check on how much data I have left (my plan expires in 12 hours)... and after logging into the SMARTY app, it tells me that my plan is currently being renewed, even though I HAVE NOT done so yet, nor is Auto-Renew on.

What kind of shady business is this from SMARTY?

So far, I've been extremely disappointed with the UI, as well as the overall network connectivity coverage that SMARTY provides. 

Can somebody please explain to me what's going on? Is this a bug? Why is it saying my plan is currently being renewed when I haven't done so yet?


SMARTY Major Player
SMARTY Major Player

Perhaps another case of MORE malarkey, LESS SMARTY? 
Have you spoken to SMARTY customer service about this, @Vincent_1609

The forum members here can't look at your SMARTY account, so renewal issues are something you'll need SMARTY to investigate.

Contact support online at - advisers work 8am - 8pm daily.

Thanks for the reply @Chalkychap... I made this post after support hours, and was shocked to see this message. I'm currently speaking to someone about it, and will hopefully get this resolved.

Okay @Vincent_1609, hope an adviser can assist getting things sorted, without too much more malarkey.