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Voicemail Restricted

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

I have been using voicemail without a problem for many months but upon checking voicemail yesterday I could not access it and received a message that states "Your voicemail has been restricted. Contact customer service" and the call was then terminated automatically. There are no options available, eg PIN input. I get the same message if I try to access voicemail from another non Smarty SIM. I contacted customer service by 'live chat' but the service agent had clearly never experienced this problem and after trying different things eg remove sim, reboot phone etc for an hour said they would have to "escalate the issue" which would take three to five working days. Anybody any ideas?


SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

This is the Smarty community forum, we are customers like you, we don’t work for Smarty. 

If someone has experienced the same issue, hopefully they will be along to help, but at least you did the correct thing by contacting Smarty staff.

Thank you 👍


@PeterB07SK  This does sound like something that only Smarty consort out for you. 

I note that nothing comes up when I search either this forum or the Smarty help articles, so it may well be a rarity.

Hope they sort it soon. If they don't get back to you "Smarty"ish, raise a complaint.

Couldn't find anything when I searched either, hence my shout out here. Thanks for trying though.

SMARTY Trendsetter
SMARTY Trendsetter

You could try getting SMARTY to turn-off the voicemail service for your account, @PeterB07SK - assuming there's nothing too important in your voicemail. 

Then after a few days reactivate your voicemail service - hopefully it'll then be accessible.

The voicemail service is actually provided by Three UK, SMARTY Mobile's owner.


That sounds like a reasonable idea Chalky and it makes me wonder why the customer service adviser on my Live Chat didn't think of that one. As I mentioned in my post, the issue has been 'escalated' so I'm probably just stuck with the three to five day wait for a 'techie' to contact me. Thanks for your input.

So @PeterB07SK, I'd suspect you'll never hear back from the 'techie'. 

There might be several levels of escalation for your request - from SMARTY to Three UK - from Three UK to their voicemail service provider. Then maybe back the other way. 

Hopefully I've misjudged SMARTY and this is a case of #MoreSMARTY, #LessMalarkey - though keep your crypto handy.


Just had another reply on the open Live Chat. Didn't seem like a Techie. More like another customer service agent. He said that my voicemail is disabled. I asked how that could be as it could not have been done by me. He said he wasn't sure but would get it restored. He has and all is now ok. This seems like it should have been a simple job to sort out if I'd been lucky enough to get a knowledgeable customer service agent in the first instance. So, all's well that ends well.

Hey  PeterB07SK

yes I agree that the first agent should have checked this, your feedback is apricated and I will pass this on for further improvement.