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Speed check reveals very poor download MBPS

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick


Ive been doing some speed tests on my Sony Xperia 5 IV, and to be honest its piss poor.

Doing a few tests in various places, im getting around 0.2 - 1.6 MBPS download with Upload being 6MBPS

Strangely, when I try this sim in my old Oneplus handset, its about 2-3MBPS Download and 31MBPS Upload.

Now, both handsets are extremely poor for Download, considering when I was with 3 network, I wss getting around 50 - 60 MBPS

Whats the issue here?



SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

What’s the issue here ?

Well, for starters, you are assuming that those of us in this forum, who are customers just like you, are psychic ?

We don’t work for Smarty, and even if we did, again, not being psychic, we won’t know.

There are so many variables :

Are you new to Smarty, did you check the coverage map to ensure that you have good coverage on three, smarty’s parent company ?

In what type of building are you trying to use your phones ? Could you be in building that itself, or nearby structures are creating a “faraday cage@, and blocking / reducing signal ?

There are countless other variables, Maybe you are in the Midlands and have been affected by the switch off of Three’s 3G network. 

As a customer, not a smarty employee,  the issue would appear to be your piss poor knowledge of the various factors that affect coverage and expecting others to come up with answers for you, whilst you yourself give so little information that Doris Stokes or a Romany fortune teller  on Clacton Pier couldn’t help you !

At least you are only tied to Smarty for a maximum of thirty days, so can switch to another network quickly, but do your due diligence first. 

EDIT : You raised this question earlier this month. Have you contacted Smarty via webchat, as was suggested at the time ? The thread is available here :