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No reception abroad

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

The data sim in our campervan TV worked twice, in different locations in Europe.  The sims in our iPhones worked perfectly throughout.  I have adjusted the settings and we were clearly not in a blackspot.  The sim worked again in the uk.  Can anyone shed light on this problem?


Yes, I think you’re right!

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SMARTY Trendsetter
SMARTY Trendsetter

Perhaps you reached the 12GB/month roaming mobile data limit applicable in EU inclusive roaming destinations, @JeanHow_2042742.


Thanks.  Should have mentioned only 7GB have been used.

Perhaps you tried to use roaming mobile data while not within one of the EU inclusive roaming destinations, @JeanHow_2042742

Any out-of-plan use won't work unless you've credit in your SMARTY plan account. 

If your SMARTY plan data allowance is less than 12/GB, then that is the limit that applies for roaming in an EU inclusive roaming destination.

Thank you, however neither of these situations apply

Perhaps one of the SMARTY customer care experts can help, @JeanHow_2042742

Contact SMARTY support online at - advisers work between 8am - 8pm everyday.  

Yes, I think you’re right!