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New User Natalie120458

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Hi I'm new to smarty, but in saying this I am already going through some issues with the service provider. Such as it continuously keep saying 'Emergency calls only' it's driving me crazy as the data package has already started and I can't even use it or make a phone call.




SMARTY Motivator
SMARTY Motivator

This is the Smarty community forum, we are fellow customers, we don’t work for Smarty.

It looks  like your phone is network locked to a network other than Smarty, hence the “emergency calls only”

How old is the phone ? Phones in the UK haven’t been network locked for a good few years. 

Or, it may be that you have no coverage on Three, Smarty’s parent network, where you are. Did you check this before joining Smarty ?

Do you have, or can you quickly use someone else’s phone for 5 minutes, putting your SIM card in that, to see what happens ? If your SIM connects to Smarty in another phone, then that would indicate that your phone is indeed network locked. If you know the phone was originally used successfully on another network, be it O2, EE, Vodafone, if you can, try a SIM card from the phone’s original network. If it works, that’s another indication that your phone is network locked to a network other than Three / Smarty.


Also only a year and a half old. It's an android. 


@Natalie120458  You definitely haven't purchased a data only package?

No, how do I upload screen shots??? I got the 100gb data with unlimited calls and texts

@Natalie120458  A few things to try:

Firstly, does your account dashboard show that you have an active sim (mobile number will be showing) and also an active Smarty plan?

Secondly, did you do a Coverage check for your area before joining and also a Network Status check to ensure no local mast problem?

Thirdly, can you perhaps try the sim in another phone to see if that makes a difference?

Fourth, is there any chance that it is locked to an network other than Three?

Well I tried 02, a few weeks ago and that worked fine, I used to use giff gaff regularly and that was never an issue, just tried a completely new giff gaff sim and my phone recognised is immediately. I think it could be just this sim. Also I recently did a PAC code to bring my old number to this sim and I have until the 29th for the transfer to go through. But even before I did this it was still doing the same thing it's doing now.

@Natalie120458 GiffGaff works on O2 signal. I meant for you to try your existing Smarty sim in another phone. The PAC transfer will have no effect on your signal - it merely changes the 'identity' of your sim but still on the same network.

You still don't say if you have checked Coverage and Network status - which I put higher up the list to try.

Just tried the bonus sim I got with my purchase and this one is working fine. So there's something wrong with with my other SMARTY SIM

@Natalie120458  If your bonus sim is working fine, then it sounds to me as if you mixed the two up and in fact registered this one instead.

Normally, a bonus sim is for you to give to someone else to activate as a new customer.

The fact that it is working indicates that you have activated it and perhaps not the original one as you thought.

Yeah, that's what happened. I put the bonus sim in first assuming it was the main one. In order to get the bonus sim working, I just need to sign up again and then activate it. But I'm currently using the main one. So all is well. Thanks for the advice. 

@Natalie120458  De nada!!

Unfortunately, the forum no longer allows the uploading of screenshots.

Where did you get the Android device from ? Is there a possibility that it’s locked to another network ?