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[Main Thread] Premium rate / short code text messages

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Hi I gather from a few other posts that these are not possible at the moment!

I found this in some information blurb from SMARTY - 

At some point you'll be able to send other kinds of messages which will be chargeable. This will include premium-rate texts and short-codes, which are used for entering competitions, buying ringtones and voting on reality TV shows, and paying for parking."

As other people say they don't indicate when this will be available! I agree with the others that it should be no problem with a decent quality service! 

I too, like some other people may well be switching to another provider which doesn't have this problem! 


SMARTY Moderator SMARTY Moderator
SMARTY Moderator

Hey, @PeterWh_1550878 

We understand how this service is becoming more popular with our customers and have already been feeding back. This is something we are still looking into, hopefully, this is available for you soon.

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Here is an article from Smarty:

They don't give a date when it will become available unfortunately.

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What's the future plan for adding competition numbers please.

SMARTY don't support messages to short-code numbers @NeilAel_1900794, nor do they appear to have any plans to do so.

Most competitions use a short-code number, so being with SMARTY excludes you entering them using your phone - most will have an online entry option, which is less convenient though.

I guess, if using your mobile to enter competitions is important, join a mobile network that supports use of short-code numbers. Good luck @NeilAel_1900794 🍀 

Thanks, not that bothered about competition entry so all good😎

Well, that's a shame but surely a rather pathetic approach to something that every other network offers! 

I have not been able to enter competitions or confirm my identity with a few websites, etc etc. 

I think that I will be looking for another network - as no one seems to be interested in solving the problem! 


I have the same problem. I am trying to fix it with smarty right now by emailing them and they are doing well. I will tell you the result. 🙂

I have completely solved my problem. I contacted Smarty's technical support, and they showed great interest in solving my problem until it was resolved. I want to thank them because they were replying to my emails and not ignoring them until the problem was resolved. Thank you Abrar (the person who was communicating with me)

Can you share what the solution is?

@WagdiAb_1208337  can you share what the solution is?

The solution is to switch to a network that offers the service required.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Why can’t I text cash register after buying £10 add on

I have the same problem for competitions is it in our settings or something?

I just googled and saw a note from a week ago that smarty dont allow it at the moment but plan to soon. Hopefully that wont b long as I like to do the odd competition as well

 Same response for well over a year.... frustrating that they do this!

If these are 'premium numbers', then Smarty does not allow users to send a text to them.

This needs to be sorted, Smarty. I haven’t been able to enter a competition or reply to confirm a booking today. Why is it difficult? 

Here is an article from Smarty:

They don't give a date when it will become available unfortunately.


Can I send messages to premium rate numbers that charge a fee plus usual message cost?

Currently, you're not able to call or text any premium numbers

Just buy a txt add on, it never runs out, works fine for me and if reqd can be used towards monthly bill.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

Hi all,  I am having an issue when sending a premium text (a short text to give money to charity I.e text Donate to 79430) contain toy fails. Anyone know what o can do? I have topped up with plenty of money as both add on and money on account. Any advice greatfully received. 

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

I have the same issue which is stopping me contacting my bank. I contacted customer services and was told Smarty doesn't (or has chosen not to) support short codes but that they plan to in the future. They were unwilling to provide date. It's pretty poor to be honest and will likely lead to me leaving at some point.

Have you had a reply to this. I can’t text bbc radio 5 on 85058

This has been a long-time gripe for me. Smarty refuse to implement filters that would block chargeable / scam short codes, leaving some of us unable to contact 5Live or our GP surgeries, or British Transport Police.
A workaround for BBC 5 Live is to use their WhatsApp number of 08085 909 693

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

This feature I’ve been wanting for awhile it is not yet available on smarty mobile something they are looking to introduce in the future. 

I have also been wanting the short code feature, come on Smarty please sort it out every other provider does.

Wow, that’s really bad. I’ve had no issues with SMARTY but this seems like a really basic feature to be missing.

I'm having this now a ppi claim in the past and the same company is contacting me for the fact you can claim the tax and I'm trying to stop the text even topped up credit and still didn't work 😡


Hello.  I want to add money to my phone so that I can enter online radio competitions but can't see how I do this


You can add money under the Dashboard heading at the bottom of the app, when you sign in. Unfortunately you cannot, currently, use Smarty to send premium texts or short codes e.g. To radio stations.

Type Premium into the help section to confirm.

Hope this reply answers your question.

Smarty needs to sort the lack of support for short codes, it's really not good enough in 2022. 

It’s already been said but want to double confirm. Add it via the dashboard, that’s what I do 🙂 

IPhone 13 Pro/iPad Mini 6/AirPods Pro/Apple Watch Ultra

SMARTY Enquirer
SMARTY Enquirer

Just wanted to add that my GP surgery has started using "Florence" that works by replying by SMS to a free shortcode number. 

Can free numbers at least be allowed?


@paul Unfortunately, I don't see Smarty making an exception for free calls ahead of full roll-out. In fact, they might be more likely to get it working if calls were chargeable!

SMARTY Enquirer
SMARTY Enquirer

This is an absolutely ridiculous feature missing from Smarty.

If banks do a fraud check on your card and temporarily block it to check transactions, you often get a simple reply Y or N if this was you. I’ve just been left in a situation, unable to pay using my only card because I can’t reply Y to a text. Will be leaving Smarty before my first month is up.


Great! BT use text messaging for internet or phone faults... which i found out about yesterday when i lost internet and had to report to BT....  i also realised how rubbish your 3/4g network is too, after a 3 mile drive, i eventually had internet.

SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

It looks like the latest add on will allow calls and texts to premium rate numbers.

I think this add on originally only said call. I think text has been recently added.



SMARTY Pioneer
SMARTY Pioneer

So can this be used to TEXT short code numbers i.e. Radio competition numbers where you have to REPLY to the short code with a text

SMARTY Enquirer
SMARTY Enquirer

I've just got a text from NHS asking to rate my A&E experience by replying to a short code message (free). I couldn't reply initially, but after specifying my own number in SMS app, I was able to send a reply. But then, surprisingly, I just can't send another reply to provide details.

So looks like sometimes it can work, but not always?

SMARTY Maverick
SMARTY Maverick

Is this fixed yet?

I just want to be able to respond to texts from my doctors surgery and my bank. They’re not premium numbers, free to reply.

Please update ASAP

@BrianMcBriany  This is a long-standing issue. If you are wanting to text to a short-code number, Smarty does not support that currently - I don't know exactly why.

It is not an issue of whether they are premium numbers.

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